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WordPress Plugin: [lang_de]Hol die neuesten Kommentare ([/lang_de]Get Recent Comments[lang_de])[/lang_de]

with 1,685 comments

Configuration (optional)
The Admin GUI is located in Options/Recent Comments.

You can configure the number of comments and trackbacks, that are shown. And you can set the length of the cited comments and specify a maximum word length. Words longer than this value are wrapped to prevent them from damaging your layout.

Using macros you can customize the format of the cited comments and trackbacks:

%comment_excerpt The text of the comment. It might get shorted to the number of characters you entered in “Long comments are chopped off at…”
%comment_link The URL to the cited comment.
%comment_author The name, the commenter entered in the comment form. If she left the field empty, the name is “Anonymous”.
%gravatar This macro becomes a complete image tag. If the comment author registered a gravatar with Example:
<img src="">
%gravatar_url This macro becomes only the URL to the gravatar. Example:

%profile_picture Becomes to URL of a profile picture. Use it like this:
<img src=”%profile_picture” width=16 height=16>. This only works after activation of Hannah Gray’s Profile Pics Plugin.
%userid If the comment author is registered with your wordpress, and was logged in, when he wrote the comment this is replaced with the user id, she has in WordPress. You can do fancyful things with this macro. For example you may construct an image url, that points to pictures of all the authors of your blog: <img src="/images/user%userid.jpg">
%comment_date The date, when the comment was posted in the style you configured as default date format.
%comment_time The time, when the comment was posted
%time_since Time since the comment was posted. For example: “9 hours 16 minutes”
%author_url The URL, the comment author left in the comment form, or if the comment is a trackback, the URL of the site that issued the trackback.
%author_url_href The same like %author_url but inside a href statement.
If there is no URL, the whole macro is empty. Without a href=”" statement the link looks like a link, but
is inactive. Use it like this: <a %author_url_href title=”%comment_date”>comment_author</a>
%post_title The title of the posting that was commented.
%post_link The URL of the posting that was commented.
%post_date The date when the commented posting was published.
%trackback_title Only applicable in trackbacks: The title of the trackback. It might get shorted to the number of characters you entered in “Long trackbacks are chopped off at…”


Version Date Changes
2.0.6 2009/03/31 Suppress mb_strrpos warnings, when haystack is empty. Thanks to ted and Michael for reporting the problem.
2.0.5 2009/03/27 Make all mb_* functions optional. If function does not exist – use old version.
2.0.4 2009/03/27 Check for existence of mb_regex_replace and if it does not exist (i.e. php version < 4.2.0) use old wordwrap version
2.0.3 2009/03/26 Fixed %BEG_OF_TITLE% bug. Thanks to everybody who reported this problem (MANY people).

Fixed broken %author_url_href macro. Now it works again.

Fixed broken gravatar function – needed to bring e-mail address to lowercase before using md5 on it.

Applied Sven Anderson’s patch which replaces the most critical string functions with multibyte character aware php functions.
2.0.2 2007/09/25 Fix: Plugin was not compatible to WordPress 2.0.11 any more. Thank you to Stephan for reporting the bug.
2.0.1 2007/09/24 Added switch on the categories page, which reverses the
selection. It is now possible to include or exclude categories.
2.0 2007/09/24 New code for fetching the data:
1. Instead of one expensive database query we now use two or more cheap queries. Thanks to mirra, who reported the problem. And again thank you to the people mentioned in changlog 1.4, where the cache was introduced for the same (performance-) problems on big blogs.
2. This also fixed a bug, which lead to too less than requested comments in lists, ordered by post. Thanks to Johanna and Frédéric for reporting and documenting this.

Changed the css in the admin gui, to work around a display issue with Tiger Admin. Thank you, Andi, for finding this.

Added %time_since macro, which displays the time since the comment was posted. Thanks to Imran and Keith for sugesting (something like) this (very long ago).
Admin interface: Added switch fpr turning on and off smileys. Thank you, panos, for requesting this feature.

Support for Custom Smileys Plugin. Thanks to Henry for suggesting this.

Fix: Username was not displayed as “Anonymous”, if commentor left no name. Thanks to Pixelation for reporting this.

Added support for WordPress 2.3. It will drop the post2cat table. Changed plugin to new taxonomy scheme. A *great* thank you goes to Lakatos Zsolt, who provided a complete patch for get-recent-comments-1.5.6, which made it very easy for me to understand how 2.0-beta10 had to be changed. Thank you also to xelios, Ville and Kretzschmar who warned me, that WordPress 2.3 will break the old plugin code.

1.5.5 2007/03/26 Added support for malyfred’s Polyglot Plugin. Requested by Torben.
1.5.4 2007/02/01 Use full pingback_author as %comment_author (instead of ‘Unknown’, if the pingback parser fails to recognize the pingback_author. Thanks again to Gant who found this in his blog.
Added %author_url_href macros, which allows to generate inactive links, if the
commentator did not leave an url. This was wished (in part long ago) by beej,
carl, FilSchiesty and SwB.
Added %profile_picture macro, which supports Hannah Gray’s Profile Pics Plugin. Thank you for the idea and your help, Markus
1.5.3 2007/01/15 Refresh cache, when a comment is approved by moderator. Problem found by Gant. Thank you!
1.5.2 2007/01/05 Added option for excluding comments from blog authors. Suggested by This is Zimbabwe, Slim, marilyn’s shampoo and Igor M.
1.5.1 2006/12/29 Store the cache base64 encoded. There seems to be a problem with the unserialization of multibyte characters. Thanks to priv, who reported the problem and suggested the encoding.
After upgrading to this version you should trigger a regeneration of the cache by adding a comment somewhere.
1.5 2006/12/27 New pingback parser
Stop losing html entities and tags in the post titles and comments by using wptexturize. Thanks to ejm (again!) and mobius for reporting the problem and making suggestions.
Bugfix in widget code: Error, when trackbacks came before comments
1.4 2006/12/24 The plugin is a widget now. Thanks to herrmueller and Thomas de Klein for suggesting this feature.
Cache the output in order to reduce the database impact of the plugin. Thanks to the following people for reporting the poor performance and making suggestions to solve the problem: Brandon Stone, King of Fools, Robert Basic and especially CountZero.
Option to combine comments and trackbacks in one list (requested by Maniac and die produzentin)
Allow to Group comments by their posting (requested by eyolf)
Allow limit of comments per post (suggested by Thomas)
Use WordPress 2.1 compatible database variables. Thanks to spencerp, for reporting and fixing.
Bugfix: Wrong key used in gravatar hash (Thank you, Hamzeh N., for finding and fixing this).
Updated the stylesheets to the look of wordpress 2.x.
Added two macros: %comment_type and %post_counter.
Use less option variables in db.
Updated instructions page.
Dropped support for WordPress 1.2
1.3.1 2006/12/11 Fixes for problems with wordpress running under windows.
1.3 2006/11/26 Fixes for problems with php5.
1.2 2005/09/15 Prevent pingbacks from own blog. Thanks to Matt for the idea and support!
To use the feature, go to the trackbacks configuration and enter the address of your webserver.
1.0 2005/03/21 Also show comments to static pages. (They are new in WP 1.5). Thanks to maza for the hint.
0.9 2005/03/20 Introduced admin gui. Handle trackbacks different than comments. Replaced most regular expressions with basic string operations.
Dedicated macro for posting time. Requested by Zonekiller
0.8 2005/02/04 Readjusted sequence of arguments to the one described in the documentation. Thanks to Thomas
0.7 2005/02/03 Renamed plugin to get-recent-comments, to make it possible to use the subversion system at

Allow to specify your own formatting in the function call

0.5 2005/01/02 Removed superfluous </p>
0.4 2004/12/19 Use function arguments for displaying HTML before and after the comment
Make number of comments and number of characters also function arguments
0.3 2004/12/08 Link to permalink of comment
Wrap very long strings
0.2   Don’t show comments that are not approved
0.1 2004/11/03 Initial release

Thanks to all who sent bug reports and ideas for improvement. Please send me a mail if I forgot you to mention here.

Written by Krischan

November 13th, 2004 at 4:14 am

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1,685 Responses to 'WordPress Plugin: [lang_de]Hol die neuesten Kommentare ([/lang_de]Get Recent Comments[lang_de])[/lang_de]'

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  1. Hi, thank you for this plugin, which is exavtly what I am looking for. However, on WP plugin page ( it says it is compatible only up to WP 2.3. I have WP 2.5.1. Is it working with it? If not, are you going to update it?
    Thank you for your answer!


    7 Jun 08 at 11:49

  2. Nadglobtrotter: It works with WP 2.5.1 but you should disable the cache in options/recent comments/misc.


    7 Jun 08 at 12:20

  3. Krischan and Franck: thank you for your valuable answers!


    9 Jun 08 at 21:22

  4. I have installed it, it is a great plugin!! Thank you Krischan for this awesome work! You should update the wordpress plugin page to show it is compatible with WP 2.5.1! What an awesome widget!! Thanks!


    9 Jun 08 at 22:08

  5. Hi,

    I’m also having trouble with special characters… I’ll try to fix it by hacking the code by adding some of the php functions to convert special characters to HTML.

    If I’m able to fix it I’ll let you know.

    I’m pretty sure the problem is in the encoding of how the comment is save/retrieved from the DB but I’ll will take a closer look.

    Moises Kirsch

    9 Jun 08 at 23:48

  6. Well… I just made a few tests… adding htmlentities didn’t do the trick. Also… I just checked and the comment gets displayed perfectly on the admin area (dashboard, comments, etc.).

    Any ideas?

    Moises Kirsch

    10 Jun 08 at 3:02

  7. Hi, I’m having trouble with this plugin in WP 2.0.11. I can’t upgrade my WP install due to the version of MySQL (3.23) running on the server available to me. Here’s the error I get:

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'ON ID = post_id WHERE ID IN (5,3)' at line 1]
    SELECT * from wp_posts JOIN wp_post2cat ON ID = post_id WHERE ID IN (5,3);

    Looks like a great plugin. Wish I could use it.


    10 Jun 08 at 21:24

  8. Trey: Disclaimer: Preprare yourself to get in more worse trouble because you run old software with tons of security holes. Having said that: go to and fetch older versions of the plugin. I would recommend to try the youngest and go step by step to the older versions until you find a version that still supports WP 2.0.11. I would acknowlegde, if you would tell me which version works for you, because until now I thought 2.0.11 is still supported.


    11 Jun 08 at 0:22

  9. I don’t speak english but I will try to write correctly.

    I have install your plugin and I have choose this


    I have put 18 on Long comments are chopped off at: and Wrap long words at: but the title appear with all letters. Not only with 18 character.

    How can modify this?

    Thank you very much and excuse my english.


    16 Jun 08 at 14:16

  10. My problem is resolved.


    16 Jun 08 at 17:45

  11. Hi there,
    Know anyone which plugin to use if I want only a part of the article to be displayed? If someone want to read more there will be a “read more” link…
    On my blog right now is displayed all of article content and I don’t want this…
    I’m talking about the latest 10 articles displayed on the first page of my blog.
    I’m using WordPress.
    Can anyone help?


    24 Jun 08 at 18:52

  12. hello. thank you so much for this plugin. i have a question though: on my blog’s sidebar, instead of the “recent comments” title appearing normally, i keep getting this:

    %BEG_OF_TITLE%recent comments%END_OF_TITLE%

    how can i change it??? i would appreciate help asap. thank you!!


    25 Jun 08 at 0:23

  13. I upgrade WP to 2.5.1 and i have this error in the sidebar in the widget of get recent comment:

    %BEG_OF_TITLE%Recent Comments%END_OF_TITLE%



    25 Jun 08 at 0:25

  14. ok ok i fix the error!
    unchek the misc option “cache the output”


    25 Jun 08 at 0:33

  15. Diego (and anybody else who has this problem): This only happens when wordpress is just upgraded to something newer than 2.4.x It disappears automatically, when you receive the first comment, or you click “save settings” in the plugin configuration. Or in other words: when the cache gets refreshed.


    25 Jun 08 at 19:03

  16. I think I found the condition triggering %BEG_OF_TITLE% problem:

    1. Update options in get_recent_comment admin page.
    2. View main page, the title should be ok.
    3. Go to widget admin page, and click the button updating widgets sidebar.
    4. Boom!

    Looking into WP 2.5 source code, seems everything related to BEG_OF_TITLE and END_OF_TITLE are widget related. I haven’t dived into detail yet, though I have a guess:

    Under wp_list_widget_controls_dynamic_sidebar() in wp-admin/includes/widgets.php, the “before_title” widget parameters is set to that value, is it possible that get_recent_comments just invalidated the cache and set the before_title to this value?

    Anyway, I just take a look at the native recent_comment widget, it never stores any widget args inside its cache; the only thing stored in cache is the mysql result. The output is composed out of the result afterwards, including the title, and the warping <li>’s. Maybe this plugin can do the same?

    Abel Cheung

    6 Jul 08 at 23:30

  17. To clarify, I mean something along the line of this patch.

    Abel Cheung

    7 Jul 08 at 0:23

  18. Hi Krischan–

    I LOVE how customizable this plugin is! Thanks so much! One question:

    Gravatars don’t seem to be loading correctly in the sidebar comments–I’m seeing the default gravatar on every comment, including ones that display the correct gravatar in the inline comments. Here’s the code I’m using:

    “%comment_excerpt” (from %comment_author, on %post_title)

    Am I missing something? (Switching to just “%gravatar” instead of my customized img tag doesn’t seem to work either….)

    : /


    8 Jul 08 at 2:24

  19. Oops–your comments interpreted my comment code. :-p

    The code, with square brackets in place of angled, is this:

    [li][a href=""][img src="%gravatar_url" width="40" height="40" hspace="5" border="1" align="left"][/a]“%comment_excerpt”[i] [font size="xx-small"](from %comment_author, on [a href="%comment_link"][i]%post_title[/i][/a])[/font][/i][/li]


    8 Jul 08 at 2:27

  20. UPDATE: It’s working now. Apparently (coincidentally) the only folks whose comments I saw in the sidebar had used capital letters in their e-mail addresses. When I used wp-admin to change their e-mails to all lowercase, their gravatars appeared magically in the sidebar….

    Glad it wasn’t something wrong with the plugin! :-)


    9 Jul 08 at 16:19

  21. Hi,
    can I get the recent comments from my WP guestbook?


    9 Jul 08 at 17:55

  22. Abel: Thank you for the support!


    9 Jul 08 at 23:08

  23. David: Thank you. Although you found a workaround, I consider this as a bug in the plugin. It should change the e-mail adresses to lower case before presenting them to the gravatar server. I will fix it.


    9 Jul 08 at 23:10

  24. Is that awesome plugin compatble with wordpress 2.6? o_o


    16 Jul 08 at 5:58

  25. emarts: I have not tried wp 2.6 yet.


    16 Jul 08 at 11:27

  26. hi
    there is a small problem with this plugin – whenever i post Polish diacritic signs along with a quote sign it does not display it properly, it would show some strange symbol – testing it here: “test ał” – if this plugin is used here you will see that symbol (diamond with question mark inside).

    the comment displays correct on the comment list but in the sidebar it wouldn’t. the problem is only with the letter “ł” – which strangely when written alone in quotes does not cause this..



    20 Jul 08 at 23:51

  27. “test ał” – testing it again to show you the error because my previous post was longer and got chopped.


    20 Jul 08 at 23:52

  28. okay it seems that it’s working fine here – that must be something with my wordpress :( sorry for trouble


    20 Jul 08 at 23:54

  29. Seems like this plugin is compatible with WordPress 2.6 I’ve tried it, install it and working fine on WP 2.5 sit But doesn’t show anything on wp 2.6

    No error on instal and plugin activate process, it just doesn’t show my recent comment on frontpage. Nothing wrong with the php code too.


    23 Jul 08 at 12:37

  30. Krischan — First off, great plugin! Super useful and very customizable.

    I’m wondering whether you plan to support displaying comments by category. In my application, I’m trying to display a page that shows recent comments on category-specific pages.

    Like this for example:

    Currently it’s displaying all recent comments across the site, I’d like to limit it by category.

    Thanks, and great work!

    Miles Jameson

    24 Jul 08 at 16:14

  31. I am using SMF for a forum on my site and am wondering how easy it would be to use WordPress instead since it seems to offer much better blogging features. Does it also offer the standard forum type stuff?

    Nasir Mahmood

    26 Jul 08 at 15:20

  32. I tried using Joomla for one of my sites ( and it has turned out pretty good but I want users to be able to leave comments that can be shown by following a link for each article. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Nasir Mahmood

    26 Jul 08 at 15:28

  33. Any word on getting this to work with attachment comments (or tips on a quick hack-fix until the next version is released)?



    27 Jul 08 at 0:38

  34. Hallo! Verwende dein Recent Comments-Plugin und bin fast ganz glücklich. Es gibt einen Bug, der etwas störend ist: Wenn man, nachdem das Recent-Comments-Widget bereits hinzugefügt wurde, alle Einstellungen vorgenommen wurden und alles wunderbar läuft, ein weiteres Widget hinzufügt, passiert etwas seltsames: Das Recent-Comments-Widget muss neu konfiguriert werden. Es reicht, wenn ich unter Einstellungen einfach auf “Einstellungen aktualisieren” für das Plugin klicke und alles funktioniert wieder, tu ich das nicht, so wirkt es so, als ob die CSS-Ergänzungen, HTML-Änderungen und alle weiteren Einstellungen nicht übernommen würden.

    Meine Seite arbeitet auf WordPress 2.6. Für Fragen schick mir doch bitte einfach ein Mail.


    28 Jul 08 at 9:10

  35. Hallo Michael: Deaktivere doch bitte mal in den Plugin Option im Reiter “misc” die Option “cache the output (recommended).”. Ich vermute danach hören die Probleme auf.


    3 Aug 08 at 4:28

  36. Would be nice to see a compatibility with “User photo” plugin~ (that’s a different one)

    Keep up the great work.


    6 Aug 08 at 9:30

  37. i can’t get special characters to appear correctly in the recent comments widget, is there a way to get this to work?


    9 Aug 08 at 19:18

  38. Krischan,

    I was wondering if you are still actively developing the plugin?
    You can reply at my email if you like.


    13 Aug 08 at 3:56

  39. @Peter. I do.

    @Lasnahk. It looks like you should use a greater value in “Wrap long Words at”.


    13 Aug 08 at 7:54

  40. Hallo Krischan,

    vielen Dank für das großartige Plugin.
    Eine Frage habe ich allerdings. Gibt es die Möglichkeit mit %gravatar_url die lokalen gecachten Gravatare anzusprechen? In einigen Fällen habe ich Gravatare nämlich nur lokal und nicht auf dem Server.

    Vielen Dank


    14 Aug 08 at 16:46

  41. Hallo Hendrik, die Gravatar Routinen in dem Plugin sind zu alt für dieses Feature, die müssten mal auf den aktuellen Stand gebracht werden.


    14 Aug 08 at 17:06

  42. I was able to fix the special charactes issue with the comment author applying the following code:

    function filter_fix_special_chars_moi($autor) {
    $autor = htmlentities($autor, ENT_NOQUOTES, "utf-8");
    return $autor;


    This fixed my problem when displaying regular comments but not for the recent comments plugin since it is not using the wordpress functions. Is there a way to include it somehow?

    Moises Kirsch

    15 Aug 08 at 6:30

  43. Moises: What exactly is the problem? Special characters in author names? Or also elsewhere? Can you give me examples? Maybe somewhere on your blog?


    15 Aug 08 at 9:34

  44. I want

    %post_counter Comments | Last on %comment_date

    to appear after the linked post, this code only works in the comment box in your plugin and when I put it there, it repeats it once for every comment, instead of just once period. Please help.


    20 Aug 08 at 1:59

  45. hello

    i love this, but i need to know one thing

    is it possible to have alternate row background colours if i use this with a table? every 2nd row is alternate color? like every 2nd loop?



    20 Aug 08 at 9:05

  46. moonm: I can’t help, the plugin is not made for this purpose.


    21 Aug 08 at 22:32

  47. dave: It’s not possible without modifying the code.


    21 Aug 08 at 22:32

  48. Hi,
    How can I integrate your Get Recent Coments Plugin with Yahoo MSN Smileys plugin in this site:

    In sidebar that kind of smileys are shown as characters. Could you give me an example code and where to put the converter, please?

    Thank you,

    Umut Dogan

    22 Aug 08 at 17:24

  49. Hello & thanks for this plugin !

    i’ve just a question : how do you set the multiple option when a blog don’t use widgets ?

    i just want gravatar support and set some other options

    thanks if you could help !


    22 Aug 08 at 17:35

  50. Ok, thanks for your quick response.


    24 Aug 08 at 4:41

  51. Actually good news, after tweaking the options by leaving the closing li tag for the second line in Template for the post open box and closing it in the Template for the comments window after %comment_date, I limited the number of comments to 1 and…it worked. I could of sworn I tried this before posting here, but perhaps I messed up, anyways, thanks again.


    24 Aug 08 at 5:41

  52. I’m have been using this plugin for a long time now and I love it. One for the wishlist: comments on images do not show up in the list, I think they should.

    Peter Weiland

    24 Aug 08 at 12:01

  53. Thanks…bro…this very2 good…


    25 Aug 08 at 20:32

  54. Is there an answer for this???

    How can I integrate your Get Recent Coments Plugin with Yahoo MSN Smileys plugin in this site:

    In sidebar that kind of smileys are shown as characters. Could you give me an example code and where to put the converter, please?

    Thank you,

    Umut Dogan

    26 Aug 08 at 22:08

  55. I have 2 questions…..

    Would it be possible to do the following things:

    a) get recent comments from posts belonging only to one category?

    b) get first 3 recent comments from one post? This would work like that…i would have summary news on the frontpage and i would like to show the 3 most recent comments after the summary….

    Is that possible?


    27 Aug 08 at 10:49

  56. Hi, I’m using WP 2.6.1
    I’ve installed the plugin and I’m using it as a widget, but for some reason I can’t get the comment excerpts to show up?

    It shows the data on ” on ” instead of using the template?

    I feel that I’m missing something simple here…


    27 Aug 08 at 17:23

  57. Yup… nevermind… nevermind…

    Recent comments != Get Recent Comments


    27 Aug 08 at 17:24

  58. Dave,

    I found a way to get alternating colors without modifying the code.

    Since the commenter’s name is a link you could make links display in block, change the background color, and set the width to the same pixel size as your sidebar all in your CSS. What will happen is that the poster’s name will be on it’s own line with one background color and the comment excerpt will be on the next line with a different background color.

    I accidentally have it setup that way on my blog now :)


    27 Aug 08 at 19:39

  59. Shaun: Congratulations :-)


    27 Aug 08 at 23:34

  60. ferriol: Yes it is possible. I am impressed how versatile the plugin is :-)


    27 Aug 08 at 23:36

  61. Umut: There is example code in the plugin. Look for “csm_convert”.


    27 Aug 08 at 23:40

  62. hey there Krischan. Wounder if you can give me a hand?
    I love this plugin! really do.
    I have the same problem as Able (comment 2008-07-06 at 11.30 pm). Any idea how to implement the patch? I tried to contact him, but he didnt reply.
    Any ideas?

    You can see the problem on the website provided on the sidebar.
    If you can help, I’d prefer an email reply if pos, however I will try to check back here.




    28 Aug 08 at 14:19

  63. Relequestual:The workaround is to disable the cache option of the get recent comments plugin.

    Since the release of WordPress 2.5 some users reported, that their blog shows something like “%BEG_OF_TITLE%” instead of “Recent Comments” (or whatever they configured as title). The author of the plugin was not able to reproduce this bug until now (and hence not able to fix it), but it looks like the problem disappears, if you disable the cache option of the plugin:


    29 Aug 08 at 0:14

  64. Krischan: ohhhhhh it has sub menus!!! I’m using ozh’s admin drop down menu (
    So the sub menu isnt showing. That would explain alot!
    Problem solved. Thanks! =D


    29 Aug 08 at 9:14

  65. Umut: There is example code in the plugin. Look for “csm_convert”.

    I installed latest version of Custom smileys plugin and set a smiley for :d But It doesn’t show on sidebar in your plugin’s section. I think this is an important problem. I set do it like WordPress. from Misc menu. And WordPress offers conversion of emoticons like :-) and :-P to graphics on display. At the moment WordPress is set to: convert to graphics. Do I need to do anything else?


    Umut Dogan

    30 Aug 08 at 15:19

  66. @krischan,

    Great to hear….it´s possible to sort the comments by a category…

    So how would it be done?

    Something like that??

    (i can´t manage to get it working)…

    I´ve got different categories..and in every category i want to display comments by that category….

    Let´s imagine i want to show only comments belonging to category 3…

    Any help?


    30 Aug 08 at 20:49

  67. ferriol: That’s not possible.


    30 Aug 08 at 22:40

  68. Hi guys, i have one question for your plugin: with the “simple forum plugin” i wish see the last forum post, inside the last comments results.. Can you help me?


    2 Sep 08 at 11:45

  69. Krischan,
    I have a prolem with the plugin. The way it displays in my side bar is not as i want it to:

    if you refer to my site, you’ll know what i mean.


    :Been waiting since 2004 to vote for him!

    instead i want it to show as:

    yfa: Been waiting since 2004 to vote for him!

    Also, if you notice, if you click on each comment, it links to the post and not the commnet you are clicking on.

    This is what is showing in teh code:

    %comment_author: %comment_excerpt

    Your help would be appreciated. Thanks.


    4 Sep 08 at 4:23

  70. In fact, I’d like my Get Recent Comments to show in my sidebar as they show in yours. Thanks!!


    4 Sep 08 at 4:25

  71. Can you give a link for “csm_convert” function related plugin. I couldn’t find a plugin includes that function???

    Umut Dogan

    4 Sep 08 at 8:20

  72. Where can I find that link?

    I was able to fix some stuff since I last posted the above messag pertaining to layout … however I am still having problems with linking to the comment itself and not the entire post… (mentioned above: Also, if you notice, if you click on each comment, it links to the post and not the commnet you are clicking on) …


    4 Sep 08 at 18:22

  73. To clarify more…

    When I click on the comentator’s name, under comments section in the sidebar, I am linked to the post and not the commentator’s comment I am clicking on. Any idea how I can fix this?



    4 Sep 08 at 18:39

  74. I’ve got this blog and it’s on any way I can use that plugin over there?


    4 Sep 08 at 23:59

  75. Jeff: As far as I know it’s not possible to install plugins on But you should ask the guys there…


    7 Sep 08 at 23:06

  76. Iman, you should use %comment_link instead of %post_link.


    7 Sep 08 at 23:10

  77. Umut, csm_convert is a function of this plugin:


    7 Sep 08 at 23:13

  78. Mdo: I guess it would be necessary to program a new feature into the plugin, to make this possible.


    7 Sep 08 at 23:15

  79. Krischan,
    I did… I tried that but it did not work …

    see the difference between the two:


    the first link point to the post, even though the link shows the comment number – hence you would think it would point to that specific comment like it does in the 2nd link i provide.

    This is the code I use for the template for the comment:
    %comment_author: %comment_excerpt

    Any idea what the problem may be?


    8 Sep 08 at 2:31

  80. Any way to include comments that have been posted on an attachment page? See this page, lots of comments, but they aren’t appearing in the Recent Comments in the sidebar.



    8 Sep 08 at 3:08

  81. I am using wordpress version 2.6.1. — if that helps.


    8 Sep 08 at 3:52

  82. Hi Krischan,

    ich würde gerne eine bestimmte Seite von der Auflistung der Kommentare ausschließen. Wenn ich die Dinge hier lese, sollte das möglich sein. Allerdings habe ich noch keinen Weg gefunden wie?

    Wäre super, wenn du helfen könntest.

    Danke und Gruß,


    8 Sep 08 at 15:55

  83. marc, Du könntest die Seite in eine bestimmte Kategorie packen und diese Kategorie ausschliessen. Allerdings hege ich gerade den Verdacht, dass diese “Exclude categories” Funktion kaputt ist. Wieso hat sich da noch niemand beschwert?… Hm.


    8 Sep 08 at 23:36

  84. Hi Krischan,

    danke schon einmal für den Tipp. An welcher Stelle müsste ich das “Exclude categories” denn einstellen? Genau danach hatte ich eigentlich gesucht. Aber wenn die Funktion defekt ist, bin ich vielleicht gar nicht so dämlich ;)

    Gruß und danke,


    9 Sep 08 at 10:17

  85. Hi nochens,

    umgekehrt funkt es: Wenn ich nicht sage “Kategory X” ausschließen, sondern “Alle außer Kategory X” zeigen. Nur so als Info am Rand.

    Besten Gruß,


    10 Sep 08 at 15:57

  86. “David: Thank you. Although you found a workaround, I consider this as a bug in the plugin. It should change the e-mail adresses to lower case before presenting them to the gravatar server. I will fix it.”

    Have you already fixed it?
    Can you tell me how to do it if you haven’t?


    14 Sep 08 at 14:56

  87. ORiOn: It’s easy to fix. Just “change the e-mail adresses to lower case before presenting them to the gravatar server.”


    14 Sep 08 at 15:05

  88. Why haven’t you done that if it’s easy :/


    14 Sep 08 at 15:48

  89. I’m trying to put this, but still not working :(
    $gravatar_md5 = md5( strtolower($comment->comment_author_email));


    14 Sep 08 at 16:17

  90. ORiOn: Read my blog. I am flying. Your code looks good.


    14 Sep 08 at 17:15

  91. OriOn: Nice Ass.


    14 Sep 08 at 17:15

  92. Krischan: lol
    (it’s not me, btw)
    I’m a guy :/

    And the does not work :/


    14 Sep 08 at 18:29

  93. ORiON: What i find most funny is, that we have a sex-shop chain in Germany, whose name is “Orion”. :-)

    I moved your code modification to the proper place, and put the zip file on the file server. Please get it from here.


    14 Sep 08 at 22:10

  94. looooooooooooool

    btw, thanks for the code, i will try ;)


    15 Sep 08 at 14:57

  95. The code works ;)

    Thank you!


    15 Sep 08 at 15:00

  96. how to change the default gravatar? I know how to change this option in WordPress but it’s not the same with this plugin…


    21 Sep 08 at 12:15

  97. cartmanff:


    22 Sep 08 at 7:15

  98. Hi,
    Would it be possible to get the recent comments from my WP guestbook?


    22 Sep 08 at 16:30

  99. hi,
    everything works fine, however i want to modify how the list of comments are dispayed in my sidebar.

    basically, i want to modify the code that gets to this in the published html page
    <li id=”get-recent-comments”

    where is the php for this line of code, i simply cannot find it anywhere….all i want to do is to change the id to another value so that it will be similar to my other lists in the sidebar.



    26 Sep 08 at 2:13

  100. Inal: Have you already looked into the admin interface of the plugin? You can change the published html without changing the php code. That’s the reason, why you didn’t find the code – the html is generated from the user supplied template. The html is not “hard-coded”.


    26 Sep 08 at 9:37

  101. guys, help me out with this.

    if i go to the html source code of the page where i have the widget for your plugin, i see the following:

    Recent Comments:

    Abradj: EAGLES WE ARE
    the second comment
    the third comment

    what i want to change is the first li which corresponds to the widget itself. not the actual list of the comments that were made. For the list of comments, i understand that you can do it from the admin page.

    Now, the text u see above ” ” is something that was automatically written. Not by me, and as far as i know, i cannot change it from the admin page.

    have i missed something in the admin page?


    27 Sep 08 at 1:52

  102. hmm… i dont know how to show code here, somehow it thought it was actual html….ill email you


    27 Sep 08 at 1:53

  103. guess i cannot find ur email anywhere..

    what i am trying to say is that i want to change the LI corresponding to the widget itself, not to the actual list of comments. This, i think, is not in the actual admin page.

    ill add _ so that the code above will show up.

    if i go to the html source code of the page where i have the widget for your plugin, i see the following:

    Recent Comments:

    Abradj: EAGLES WE ARE_
    the second comment
    the third comment

    what i want to change is the first li which corresponds to the widget itself. not the actual list of the comments that were made. For the list of comments, i understand that you can do it from the admin page.

    Now, the text u see above ” ” is something that was automatically written. Not by me, and as far as i know, i cannot change it from the admin page.

    have i missed something in the admin page?


    27 Sep 08 at 1:58

  104. didnt work, ill try with { instead

    if i go to the html source code of the page where i have the widget for your plugin, i see the following:

    {li id=”get-recent-comments” class=”widget widget_get_recent_comments”}{h2 class=”widgettitle”}Recent Comments:{/h2}

    {li class=”this_can_be_changed_from_admin”}{a href=”″ title=”the_title”}Abradj{/a}: EAGLES WE ARE{/li}
    {li class=”this_can_be_changed_from_admin”} the second comment{/li}
    {li class=”this_can_be_changed_from_admin”} the third comment{/li}
    {li} etc{/li}

    what i want to change is the first li which corresponds to the widget itself. not the actual list of the comments that were made. For the list of comments, i understand that you can do it from the admin page.

    Now, the text u see above “{li id=”get-recent-comments” class=”widget widget_get_recent_comments”} ” is something that was automatically written. Not by me, and as far as i know, i cannot change it from the admin page.

    have i missed something in the admin page?


    27 Sep 08 at 2:00

  105. Nabend Krischan!

    Sehr geniales Plugin und eins was wohl auf keinem BLog fehlen sollte. Aber ich habe einen interessanten Fehler gefunden, vielleicht weißt du woher dieser kommt.

    Wenn ich in einem anderen Widget in der selben Sidebar in der das Get Recent Comments Widget drin ist etwas ändere, egal welche Einstellung, zerschießt dies das Get Recent Comments Widget teilweise. Genauer gesagt gibt es dann Probleme mit der Überschrift, die sich dann wie folgt liest:

    %BEG_OF_TITLE%Letzte Kommentare%END_OF_TITLE%

    “Reparieren” ließ es sich bisher immer dadurch das ich auf die Einstellungsseite des Get Recent Comments Plugins gegangen bin und dort einfach die Einstellungen “update”, ohne jedoch irgendwas verändert zu haben.

    Wäre cool wenn du einen Fix für das Problem hättest, auch wenn es nichts schwerwiegendes ist.




    27 Sep 08 at 20:27

  106. Inal: {li id=”get-recent-comments” class=”widget widget_get_recent_comments”} is not made by the plugin. This part of html is generated by wordpress and the theme. If I were you I would not use the plugin as a widget, and modify the sidebar.php file instead.


    28 Sep 08 at 0:17

  107. Krischan

    30 Sep 08 at 20:59

  108. I want to install this plugin twice because recent comments will appear 2 different ways on my site, depending on what page you’re on (it’s that handy). Is this possible?


    1 Oct 08 at 0:15

  109. Thx a lot of the quick response Krischan, keep up the great work!


    2 Oct 08 at 16:51

  110. anyone having problems getting the list to group together using mimbo or brandford wordpress theme?


    4 Oct 08 at 22:04

  111. Hi,
    habe dein Plugin bei mir installiert, nun aber ein kleines Problem bemerkt.

    Vor kurzem habe ich aus persönlichen Gründen die Kommentarfunktion in einen reinen Moderationsmodus umgestellt. Also gehen alle Kommentare erstmal nicht online, bevor ich dem nicht zugestimmt habe.
    Die Komentare die ich nun frei gegeben habe, erscheinen jedoch nicht im “Recent Comment” Bereich. Habe schon versucht den Chache zu leeren und auch die Cachefunktion des Plugins deaktiviert. Keine Besserung. Es sind nur die Kommentare zu sehen, die vor der Umstellung veröffentlicht wurden.

    Eine Idee?


    7 Oct 08 at 20:22

  112. There is a fatal error in the plugin when the blog is installed on subdomain and the host redirects it to a certain directory.

    In order to make this plugin work on all istallations you should consider changing:



    on every instance in the lpugin’s php file.


    Daniel Sachs

    8 Oct 08 at 12:22

  113. Please disregard my previous post.
    should have been written:

    There is a fatal error in the plugin when the blog is installed on subdomain and the host redirects it to a certain directory.

    In order to make this plugin to work on all installations you should consider changing:



    on every instance in the plugin’s php file.


    Daniel Sachs

    8 Oct 08 at 12:29

  114. Great plugin…Very very close to what I wanted…!!

    Thanks a lot.

    B Shantanu

    8 Oct 08 at 16:35

  115. Hello, I´ve just updated to WP 2.6.2 – and as I have been a great fan of your really nice pluging I´m really sad that it doesn´t seem to work with WP 2.6. I get really confused comments there – the output just starts somewhere in the middle of my blog with no chance to geht the “latest” comment on Top. Don´t know why… I´ve tried for hours to solve the problem :-(

    Greetz Orangetree


    12 Oct 08 at 10:44

  116. Orangetree – I run several blogs with the plugin. It does work under any version of wordpress, including the 2.6 series. To enable me to help you, you should provide information about your installation. As a first step I would recommend to test, if it works when you temporarily switch back to the default theme, because “it starts somewhere where it’s not supposed to start” sounds like a bug in the theme. And by the way – we can speak german, if you like :)


    12 Oct 08 at 14:14

  117. is there any solution to the problem of not seeing all menus when using something like ozh drop down menus plugin or a similar backend plugin?


    15 Oct 08 at 11:45

  118. one more question: could the plugin be changed so that it doesn’t just use the gravatar function but instead use the built-in function call of wordpress?
    I am interested in this, as right now, wordpress shows either gravatar, and if not available shows wavatar or something else… and I’d like to keep avatars similar, not having mistery man inside comments, and in the sidebar something different.

    I hope my request is understandable as my English is not that good.


    15 Oct 08 at 11:57

  119. Hello!

    Thank you for the plugin.
    You plugin is incompatible with another great plugin:
    “Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu”

    The problem is that the menu of configuration of your plugin isn’t showed in the configuration page.This issue results in not to be able to go to “misc”options of your plugin and change the cache configuration…

    I have to disable the other plugin to change that. No other problems with Ozh Admin Menu

    Thank you,

    TAG: %BEG_OF_TITLE%Comentario recientes%END_OF_TITLE%


    15 Oct 08 at 16:25

  120. Hi,
    I traing too ask agin
    Would it be possible to get the recent comments from my WP guestbook and from attachment files?


    18 Oct 08 at 17:58

  121. Hi and thank you for the plug in! I am using this on my site

    However I’d like to remove the “bullet point” graphic element, as it doesn’t quiet match my sidebar.

    Do you know where this is? I’ve been hunting around but can’t figure out if its part of your plug in or my CSS

    Its on the right sidebar, just a few blocks down.


    23 Oct 08 at 20:15

  122. ovidiu: Thanks for thre problem report and the request. I put them on my list.

    Roy: Thanks for the report.

    Katrine: Attachment: Yes, WP Guestbook: don’t know yet. Have to investigate wp guestbook.

    James: The plugin doesn’t use any style tags. The bullet is defined somewhere in the css.


    24 Oct 08 at 23:39

  123. Thank you! Cheers and have a good weekend.


    24 Oct 08 at 23:42

  124. Nice plug-in. I have it working on a sidebar with gravatas. But with cache disabled and the options set for ignore blog auther and check email – my commenst never update, and the most recent commenst are just not there.

    Any suggestions?


    25 Oct 08 at 5:57

  125. Been using GRC for over a year with no problem. Suddenly, it’s stopped displaying new comments. The last comment it shows is from Oct 23. Since then, even comments from the same commenter that previously showed up don’t display.

    I’m using 2.0.2. Don’t know when I updated, but probably on the day the new version was released.

    I tried deactivating and reactivating the plugin, resaving the config, turning the cache off then on again, but no luck.

    Any ideas? Thanks!!!


    26 Oct 08 at 19:15

  126. Hi Krischan,
    danke fuer Dein Plugin und Deine Arbeit daran …

    Gibt es einen “unkomplizierten” Weg die Gravatare-Funktion generell zu deaktivieren – ?!

    Danke fuer Info und eine schoene Woche.



    27 Oct 08 at 9:14

  127. Howdy, still unable to do any filtering and get the recent comments by dates. My comments are a static listing. Gravatars work, and it looks nice. It just doesn’t show the recent comments.

    Anyone have any examples of the switch options and a working 2.6 installation of the plugin?

    Jim Skamarakas

    29 Oct 08 at 17:25

  128. Jim: Here are settings of a 2.6.3 blog


    30 Oct 08 at 18:36

  129. nilson: In der Standardeinstellung des Plugins zeigt es doch gar keine Gravatare. Kannst Du Deinen Wunsch noch näher Beschreiben?


    30 Oct 08 at 18:40

  130. tbronson: If you experience problems with missing new comments it often helps to deactivate the cache.


    30 Oct 08 at 18:57

  131. I am experiencing same problems as user ‘tbronson’ – last comment plugin shows is from october – and no comment from november is displayed. Suddenly it just stopped working right. Same thing happened in wp dashboard (recent comments window). I also tried to activate and deactivate the cache, but to no effect… Any help?


    3 Nov 08 at 11:13

  132. Right – nailed it. All recent comments were comments INSIDE gallery (comment to attachment) – comments to attachment are displayed just fine, but your plugin doesn’t catch it…


    3 Nov 08 at 11:25

  133. Very useful plugin, good work, thanks!


    11 Nov 08 at 11:48

  134. For those of you having problems with WordPress incorrectly displaying special characters or buggering up words, e.g. inserting spaces where there shouldn’t be, turning normal single quotes into strange entities (not html entities), etc. — you can fix this by updating the plugin with the following modification:

    Plugin Name: Get Recent Comments
    Version: 2.0.2

    Line 1247: remove $comment_excerpt = strip_tags( wptexturize($comment_excerpt) );
    replace with:
    $comment_excerpt = strip_tags( $comment_excerpt );

    The “wptexturize” method does not appear to be well documented (or implemented:, but this resolved some formatting issues on several blogs that I have used the plugin.

    Chris Murphy

    12 Nov 08 at 16:33

  135. get recent comments already became my must have plugin, works find in my blog, event after i upgrade it to v2.6.3. thanks khrischan.


    13 Nov 08 at 15:02

  136. Started using intensedebate plugin for comments and I think it breaks your widget. the comments are no longer updated in sidebar since installing intensedebate plugin. They are now part of automattic so may be good to fix this. Thanks.


    14 Nov 08 at 4:10

  137. Krischan: Thanks for the reply.

    Just after my last post here, GRC started displaying again. It had just skipped a few comments. Now, it’s regularly omitting some comments, and displaying others.

    I’m currently using 2.0.2. I tried everything: deactivating and reactivating, cache clearing.

    This has happened since I started using GRC over a year ago. At first, it would skip comments from one particular commenter, so I figured it was something do with that address. Over the while, a comment would occasionally be missed. But now, it’s quite a few.

    I can’t see a pattern. These are all regular comments, some with web site URLs, some without.

    I know it sounds weird if it’s happening to no-one else, but any thoughts would be appreciated.


    14 Nov 08 at 15:23

  138. Hi,
    Is the current version of this plugin going to be suitable for use with wp 2.7?



    16 Nov 08 at 13:56

  139. Hi Krischan, and thanks for your plugin!

    I’ve noticed it’s currently using the (deprecated) ‘get_settings’-function in several places.

    A search-&-replace with ‘get_option’ will keep this plugin from filling up your deprecated call log.


    22 Nov 08 at 17:44

  140. Gibt es die Möglichkeit, nur die Kommentare zur aktuell ausgewählten Kategorie anzuzeigen? Oder mit welchem Plugin kann man sowas steuern?


    27 Nov 08 at 10:34

  141. Lovely plugin, but I can’t get it to stop displaying my own posts!

    As far as I can tell, I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do. Selected the checkbox that supposedly filters by name and e-mail address, both of which I use in my posts and match those in my admin panel user name.

    How do I get the plugin to stop recognizing my posts?


    3 Dec 08 at 21:55

  142. Seems to work for me in WP 2.7 RC1 :)


    4 Dec 08 at 21:09

  143. Can you please fix the “%BEG_OF_TITLE%Recent Comments%END_OF_TITLE%” error that still exists? It’s a pain to have to go to the options panel and hitting the “Update Recent Comments Options” button after every widget adjustment. I really don’t want to turn off the cache either. Thanks.


    4 Dec 08 at 21:53

  144. Hei!

    Sag mal, gibts ne Möglichkeit Avatare einzufügen? Ich denke daran das ja bald Buddypress ( erscheint und dorte die Avatare lokal abgelegt werden. Es wäre genial wenn du das in dein geniales Plugin integrieren kannst. Buddypress wird sicher das nächste grosse Ding :)

    Viele Grüsse! M


    7 Dec 08 at 22:16

  145. Markus: Buddypress klingt interessant. Das guck ich mir mal an.


    9 Dec 08 at 14:41

  146. Krischan: ich denke es wird das nächste dicke Ding werden. Wenn du Zeit und Lust hast, wär eine einfach Integration genial und die Aufmerksamkeit der Buddypress-Entwicklergemeinde ist dir garantiert :)

    Viele Grüsse! M


    9 Dec 08 at 22:08

  147. Alrite, here’s the idea: having posts loop, with recent comments on each, not just comment count.

    This plugin will successfully accomplish this idea, except one simple lil thing. The post excerpt.

    I wonder if there’s a way to call the post excerpt? As it’s already written to display post title and having its permalink, so I thought it should be possible to call the post excerpt and displaying it. I ‘ve looked around inside the plugin codes, and can’t find anything that refer to any functions to display post excerpt. I might missed something as usual.



    12 Dec 08 at 14:46

  148. Bitte behebe doch mal den %BEG_OF_TITLE%Letzte Kommenatre%END_OF_TITLE% Bug der ständig auftaucht.

    Muss das denn sein?


    20 Dec 08 at 0:49

  149. Puh: Nö, muss nicht sein, kann man so wegkriegen:


    22 Dec 08 at 7:41

  150. Minor bug report:

    I use this plugin to create 2 widgets, one for comments and one for trackbacks.

    The plugin’s output fails validation via on the second widget due to the fact that it outputs the same div ID for both widgets:

    ID “get_recent_comments_wrap” already defined.

    Mike Gogulski

    24 Dec 08 at 1:36

  151. Thanks, Mike!


    24 Dec 08 at 1:53

  152. Hello,

    We are having a very odd problem. We have an editor for our website whose comments do not show up in the Recent Comments on the sidebar. All the other poeple, who are either admins or authors have their comments display.

    I have been unable to figure out why. Could someone point me to the things I should be checking?




    24 Dec 08 at 8:00

  153. tarran: Is “Exclude comments by blog authors (your own comments” set?


    24 Dec 08 at 12:01

  154. I am having trouble blocking comments from a specific user. I thought I could just add it to the SQL, but it doesn’t seem to be taking:

    $query = “SELECT * from $wpdb->comments WHERE comment_approved= ’1′ AND comment_author_email != ‘’ ” .

    Any thoughts?

    Andrea Hill

    24 Dec 08 at 16:07

  155. Andrea, I think you don’t need to program, because the feature already exists. Check “Exclude comments by blog authors (your own comments)” and “Also consider usernames and e-mail addresses, to recognize blog authors”. Then all comments made by registered e-mail addresses are filtered out. In most blogs the only registered address is your own address and we are done.

    If you still need to customize: look for the funktion kjgrc_is_wordpress_user() and search there for unwanted users.


    25 Dec 08 at 23:49

  156. Hi,
    I traing too ask agin
    Would it be possible to get the recent comments from my WP guestbook and from attachment files?
    Please Krischan answering me


    29 Dec 08 at 14:03

  157. Happy new year! I love the plug-in. Two questions:

    1. Where can I adjust the code to remove the “Recent Comments:” title and dashed line underneath it?

    2. Where do I add CSS tags to style the formatting of the comments displayed?



    31 Dec 08 at 20:05

  158. Katrine: Thanks, your suggestion is on the todo list.


    1 Jan 09 at 20:45

  159. Yipyop:
    2. <div id=”get_recent_comments_wrap”>


    1 Jan 09 at 20:53

  160. Thanks! Is there a way to revise or remove the title without using it as a widget? Perhaps editing the plugin code itself? I am inserting teh code directly into my sidebar.php page instead of using widget support.


    2 Jan 09 at 22:05

  161. Yipyop: When you don’t use it as a widget, the title is not made by the plugin. Look in the code of the template. The file is “sidebar.php”.


    4 Jan 09 at 21:42

  162. Hi, I have something wrong with the title, can somebody help me?

    Violet Rain

    5 Jan 09 at 13:02

  163. Hallo!
    Ich habe ein Problem mit der Anzeige der Gravatare in der Sidebar…Sie werden einfach nicht angezeigt. Woran könnte das liegen?


    6 Jan 09 at 19:52

  164. Is there any way to force the gravatars to be pulled from if you using ssl for the wp-admin section?


    6 Jan 09 at 22:23

  165. Hallo,
    ich bräuchte nochmal Hilfe – bitte! Um die Kommentare – angezeigt von Get Recent Comments – in der Sidebar zu bearbeiten (fett, farblich usw.), welches plugin würdet ihr mir da empfehlen?
    Beste Grüße


    15 Jan 09 at 9:59

  166. Robert, dafür brauchst Du rudimentäre HTML Kenntnisse.


    16 Jan 09 at 12:57

  167. Hi Krischan,

    I’ve been using your plugin for quite a while now and I love what it can do. Recently I’ve updated it but I forgot a friend of mine changed it to show the local avatars too. Now I can’t seem to get that back and my friend doesn’t know what he changed anymore.. So my question for you is: Is there a possibility to show local avatars if a user doesn’t have a gravatar ?

    Sometimes my posts have a long post_title. I’d like to shorten it to maybe 5 characters but this is only possible through the ‘Long comments are chopped off at’ feature. If I change that of course none of the comment is showing. Something I don’t want. So therefore my second question: anything I can do to change the length shown for the post_title ?

    Thanks anyway for the great plugin !


    18 Jan 09 at 13:52

  168. Oh, one more thing: it shows the WP-smileys correctly, but it doesn’t show my LMB_box_smileys correctly. Question3: Anything to be done ?


    18 Jan 09 at 13:53

  169. 1st issue solved: %comment_author op %post_title:“%comment_excerpt”


    19 Jan 09 at 20:42

  170. Where can I remove this piece of css style which automatically appears in the blog header?

    .recentcomments a{display:inline !important;padding: 0 !important;margin: 0 !important;}

    I didn’t find it inside your plugin :/

    Alex Mielus

    24 Jan 09 at 18:11

  171. I had problems in the past with longer sentences and words ruining complete blog layout and causing real mess. I hope this plug-in can solve those issues.


    25 Jan 09 at 13:21

  172. thank you SO MUCH!!!

    i was also getting %BEG_OF_TITLE%recent comments%END_OF_TITLE%
    just uncheck “cache the output” !

    tks tks tks!!! ;)

    Paulo Cholla

    3 Feb 09 at 23:07

  173. Awesome and thanks Paulo Cholla (directly above me) I was having the same problem and you solved it for me…


    3 Feb 09 at 23:43

  174. How about changing the linea 1284-1285:

    $comment_link = $post_link .

    to just

    $comment_link = get_comment_link($comment->comment_ID);

    so that the &cpage=x is included when one uses paginated comments (as supported in WP2.7)?


    4 Feb 09 at 20:00

  175. CiViX: Thanks, good idea!


    5 Feb 09 at 10:15

  176. Works even with WordPress 2.7 !


    10 Feb 09 at 8:25

  177. Hi Krischan,

    Love your plugin – it has worked fine until recently. It will work perfectly, then suddenly just stop posting new comments. I haven’t touched the settings or changed anything… but two times now the plugin just ceases to add new comments. It keeps whichever comments were moved to the main page recently, but no new ones show up. I’ve tried deactivating/activating. I’ve tried deleting the plugin and re-installing it, nothing works.

    What’s strange, though – is that when I delete and reinstall it – somehow the plugin has remembered the style settings I changed for the comment display. Those same day-old comments will show up, but the several comments since that point still do not.

    Anyone else have this problem?



    11 Feb 09 at 22:48

  178. Krischan,

    I fixed the problem, though I’m not sure how. I updated to 2.7.1 and that seems to have done the trick – although before they comments stopped posting, it was working just fine in 2.7.



    12 Feb 09 at 3:35

  179. Chris: When comments are not updated the reason is most probably another plugin which prevents “get recent comments” from getting notified about new comments. The workaround is to disable the cache of “get recent comments”:


    12 Feb 09 at 8:45

  180. Since WP 2.7 i have had several problems with my plugins.
    After an analysis of the cross influence I found one effect:
    Is the Get Recent Comments Version 2.0.2 installed together with a combination of the following plugins
    Simple Tags
    NextGen Gallery
    the following effect will be created:
    There is no longer access to the page editor in the wp dashboard


    13 Feb 09 at 18:07

  181. Hi, I am having problems with ‘before_widget’ and ‘after_widget’ for WordPress 2.7.1.

    My function looks like this:
    ‘before_widget’ => ”,
    ‘after_widget’ => ”,
    ‘before_title’ => ”,
    ‘after_title’ => ”,

    But the ‘before_widget’ and ‘after_widget’ items are not displaying on my blog pages. It works fine for other widgets.



    13 Feb 09 at 22:08

  182. elotse: I can not reproduce the problem. On one if my blogs is NextGen Gallery and Get Recent Comments installed and I can access the “QuickPress” editor on the dashboard.

    Can anybody confirm the problem?


    14 Feb 09 at 14:28

  183. Shane, I have to confess: I have no clou on what piece you are programming. Is this for a theme? Has this something to do with my get recent comments plugin? Can I do something? What is the question for the answer “42″? :-)

    Where do I have to put your code sample to see the problem?


    14 Feb 09 at 14:30

  184. I’m getting some problems hre in installing the plugin. If installation fails, is it better to overwrite files?


    16 Feb 09 at 16:41

  185. Hei Krischan!

    Hat sich schon was in Richtung BuddyPress-Avatar-Integration getan? Schon Zeit gehabt dafür?

    Gruss. M


    17 Feb 09 at 15:36

  186. Dear Krischan.
    Thank you very much for a great plugin. I am trying to integrate your plugin into my front page, so that every post show the 3 most recent comments(or exerpts if they are too long) on the front page.
    How can I modify and use your plugin for this?
    Again, thank you very much!


    23 Feb 09 at 12:01

  187. Torbjørn: That would be more than one line. You will need a PHP programmer.


    23 Feb 09 at 13:23

  188. Hey, I love the plugin, Thanks!
    I have a couple edits (adding some php variable to keep track of the comments in the list) that helped me style the comments a bit closer to what I already had on my site. Would you be interested in incorporating those into your plugin? Let me know and I can send you my edits (nothing hard, but I figured if I wanted those fields, others might as well).
    Thanks again!

    Evan Mullins

    23 Feb 09 at 22:26

  189. Great plugin. Works fine for us in 2.7. Had that initial problem of “%BEG_OF_TITLE%recent comments%END_OF_TITLE%” but your fix it worked perfectly. Thank you.

  190. Having issues with %author_url_href. It’s not returning anything… so the only way I can find to include the url is href=”%author_url” which gives a blank href=”" if the comment author has not included a url. Thanks!

    Evan Mullins

    24 Feb 09 at 23:08

  191. the fix to the %author_url_href issue I was having


    if (empty($author_url) || $author_url == "http://")
    $author_url_href = "";


    if (empty($author_url) || $author_url == "http://") {
    $author_url_href = "";
    }else {
    $author_url_href = "href=\"" . $author_url . "\"";

    Evan Mullins

    24 Feb 09 at 23:21

  192. Meerkblickzimmer: Ich hab noch keine rechte Lust gehabt. Wie macht sich das Plugin denn in WordPressMU? Funktioniert das überhaupt?


    25 Feb 09 at 13:32

  193. Evan: Thanks! Your edits are welcome, I will send you a mail.


    25 Feb 09 at 13:33

  194. After i installed the plugin, I was able to go to “get-recent-comments.php” page where the admin panel is. However, when I click on any of the options (Comments, Trackbacks, Categories, Gravatars, Misc, Instructions), the URL is attempting to do a redirect to “…/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=get-recent-comments.php&subpage=1″ throught “…subpage=6″, and it brings me to my wordpress login page, and I cannot log in with my login and password. Any idea why this is happening?


    27 Feb 09 at 18:02

  195. I’m also wondering if someone could fix so that comments to static/gallery pages also show in the recent comments?


    28 Feb 09 at 14:34

  196. Hi – I have three problems with the plugin:

    1. In the result-box on the configuration page the following output code is displayed:

    Om den dybt ufornuftige narkopolitik
    Balder: Under al den debat om…

    The code displays a specifik post and a specifik comment – do you know why?

    2. I’d like to exclude my own comments, but the plugin only does this for exactly that post included in the code above?

    3. I’d like to make the post title bold/strong, but no matter where I place it’s doesn’t work.


    4 Mar 09 at 12:05

  197. 18f4614: There is something wrong with the cookies in your browser (delete them), or the wordpress installation. I hope you did not use your password as name…


    5 Mar 09 at 10:26

  198. raapil:
    1. The specific post and comment is the latest post and latest comment. It is there to help you to design the template.
    2. Then this is the only posting where the rules (“filter out authenticated user” / “filter out e-mail and/or username) apply.
    3. HTML tags in the template do work.


    5 Mar 09 at 10:30

  199. I think there is a problem with the algorithm to wrap long words. Chris Murphy (above 2008-11-12) suggested a solution which may remove the problem if a “word” contains a tag making it long e.g. <b>Longwordwhichgetssplit</b> – the problem arises when the word gets split in the middle of a tag – but there is also a problem with character entities e.g. –Longwordwhichgetssplit&amp#8212; – again the problem arises when the word gets split in the middle of the entity.


    5 Mar 09 at 13:37

  200. That last example should read &ldquo;Longwordwhichgetssplit&rdquo;


    5 Mar 09 at 13:43

  201. Rick: Yes that is a problem, we can not solve completely at the moment. Or – we can not solve it without implementing a html rendering engine :-)

    To really solve it, it would be necessary to make the code to interpret html entities.
    And it also should interpret Unicode multibyte characters, where the same problem occurs, when the whitespace gets inserted into a multibyte character.

    Both problems are a job for php, I think we can expect functions for it in php 6.

    Meanwhile two of my favourite choices are: Live with broken wrapped words, or deactivate the “wrap long words” feature and live with “broken” sidebar content. I am in doubt that removing the wp_texturize function is a good idea. Does it help at your site?


    5 Mar 09 at 17:40

  202. Hi Krischan, thanks for your reply. I was afraid that might be the answer and I hadn’t even considered the Unicode problem. I was hoping that there was an existing WP function that stripped out all tags and collapsed entities in a string. Not going as far as interpreting the HTML, just removing it, but if it doesn’t exist then I agree, it is a bit much for a simple plugin to do it.

    In the tests I did, removing the wp_texturize call didn’t improve matters, I’m not even sure what it does. I have temporarily bypassed the problem by increasing the wrap long words threshold to a much higher number. Is that the correct way to disable the feature? I am fortunate that, in English, there are few very long words in regular use. In German I can see that it may be a more serious problem.


    6 Mar 09 at 9:19

  203. Rick: It is the only way to “disable” the feature at the moment. I think I should make it optional and disabled by default, since there are lots of people in the asian area which might find it annoying.


    6 Mar 09 at 13:33

  204. Hey Krischan,

    ist es möglich, bei der Darstellung der “Recent Trackbacks” das ganze ohne “” Darstellung zu machen? Hätte es einfach gerne als Liste mit .

    Wenn ja, wie geht das?

    Beste Grüße,


    7 Mar 09 at 12:12

  205. oh mist, er hat es nicht richtig im Kommentar angezeigt. gemeint war: KEINE Liste mit tags sondern eine einfache Liste mit tag!


    7 Mar 09 at 12:16

  206. Hi,
    I want to change the name of the widget “Commentaires Récents” by another sentence, how can I do ?
    Thanks for your wonderful plugin ;)
    MKS from France.


    8 Mar 09 at 16:16

  207. Hello,
    I have been playing with Get Recent Comments v 2.0.2, and found a bug. Anytime the widget panel is saved in v 2.7.1 of WordPress, the title of the comment panel appears as:
    %BEG_OF_TITLE%Recent Comments%END_OF_TITLE%. To fix this, I have to update and save my recent comment options. Thank you.


    13 Mar 09 at 5:00

  208. Hey Mate

    great plugin and love the fact that it caches too.

    NO criticism at all but just wondering if it is possible to display page comments with the post ones together?

    Just have a lot of comments on one of my pages and would be nice to have them included.

    Thanks again for making a fully featured and easy ti use comments plugin!



    16 Mar 09 at 6:06

  209. I have exactly the same problem as Chollaball.

    Whenever I edit my widgets, My Get recent comment panel
    reverts to
    %BEG_OF_TITLE%Recent Comments%END_OF_TITLE%.

    To fix this, I have to update and save my recent comment options.

    Can you fix this?

    I’ve had this in all versions of WP, now I use 2.7.1

    Rudy Rucker

    17 Mar 09 at 4:58

  210. same here as the two above me – same issue – %BEG_OF_TITLE%Recent Comments%END_OF_TITLE%

    Thanks – WP 2.7.1 also


    17 Mar 09 at 10:15

  211. Thanks very much for the nifty plugin.

    The text of the plug in comments are overflowing my sidebar a bit, a problem I do not have anywhere else on the sidebar.

    I am using WP 2.7.1 with the Press Row theme, which I have substantially modified. My sidebar isn’t widget ready so I loaded and activated the plugin and placed the code where I wanted it in my sidebar.

    Everything works great, except for a slight leakage of text at the right side of the sidebar.

    I will appreciate any suggestions.

    Chris Brown

    21 Mar 09 at 23:24

  212. “In the tests I did, removing the wp_texturize call didn’t improve matters, I’m not even sure what it does. I have temporarily bypassed the problem by increasing the wrap long words threshold to a much higher number. Is that the correct way to disable the feature? I am fortunate that, in English, there are few very long words in regular use. In German I can see that it may be a more serious problem”- yes it’s very well


    22 Mar 09 at 7:54

  213. Sweet plugin!

    I had the
    %BEG_OF_TITLE%Recent Comments%END_OF_TITLE%

    error as well and @Krischan’s comment helped me see there was a submenu

  214. I’m using WP-CommentNavi from It seems the link of comment on side bar doesn’t directly point to the comment but only to the page. Is it possible to correct this problem?


    25 Mar 09 at 3:09

  215. Great plugin, just a small problem with the display – the comments are very faint. Is it possible to alter the colours of the display?


    26 Mar 09 at 12:58

  216. sylv3rblade: Do you reveal what error? Or is this a secret? :-)


    27 Mar 09 at 8:51

  217. Nick: The php function is available in php since php version 4.2. Because wordpress documentation says, at least 4.2 is needed for wordpress, I thought it would be ok, to use this function.
    I think I am going to make the function call optional – if it is not available I will use the old variants. Please let me know wether the next release works for you. (And what php version your host runs).


    27 Mar 09 at 8:54

  218. I have got the same problem with mb-egex….
    When will the next update appear?

    Recently I use the standard-comments-plugin from wp. it is awful ;-)


    27 Mar 09 at 9:49

  219. Same here. Fatal error. I had to disable the plugin immediately. Could you please provide a (temporary) download link to the previous version which worked without any problems? Thanks!


    27 Mar 09 at 10:04

  220. I just released a fixed version. Does it help? …


    27 Mar 09 at 11:41

  221. No it doesn’t:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mb_strlen() in /…/…/wp-content/plugins/get-recent-comments/get-recent-comments.php on line 1512

    Please re-distribute v2.0.2!


    27 Mar 09 at 12:01

  222. zonebattler: Can you figure out, which php Version your host runs?

    The old version is here:


    27 Mar 09 at 12:37

  223. Thanks for the 2.0.4 update!


    27 Mar 09 at 12:51

  224. Ha, first time I have a reason to use the WP-ServerInfo plugin! ;-) It says PHP v4.4.9!

    Thanks for the older version, I will install this as a temporary workaround immediately, hoping that I will be able to switch to the most recent version soon…


    27 Mar 09 at 12:57

  225. After the update to the latest release I saw the error: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strlen() in get-recent-comments.php:1512″

    Thanks – Tobias

    PS: same for the other mb_* functions


    27 Mar 09 at 13:54

  226. ARGH!! I finally got this working, then I updated and how I get this:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strlen() in get-recent-comments.php:1512

    noo! lol.


    27 Mar 09 at 14:02

  227. Thank you all guys – I just uploaded the very next version, which should run without the evil mb_* functions :-)


    27 Mar 09 at 14:14

  228. thanks for the nice plugin. anyway, How can I add recent comment widget into each two sidebars? Surely I can do that with direct php function call, but it’s not less convenient than widget method. I advise you to enable to append duplicated widget like default text, rss widget.


    28 Mar 09 at 2:42

  229. Hello. I’d like to enable Identicons. Is it possible?


    28 Mar 09 at 16:12

  230. Thank you for this great plugin. I’ve been using this for a long time.

    I just upgraded to 2.0.5 version and I get this warning all over the place, which never happened with the previous version.(PHP Version 4.4.1)

    Warning: mb_strrpos(): Empty haystack in /home1/ytdong/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/get-recent-comments/get-recent-comments.php on line 1524

    Warning: mb_strrpos(): Empty haystack in /home1/ytdong/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/get-recent-comments/get-recent-comments.php on line 1525

    Warning: mb_strrpos(): Empty haystack in /home1/ytdong/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/get-recent-comments/get-recent-comments.php on line 1528


    28 Mar 09 at 20:26

  231. I have the same problem like ted:

    Warning: mb_strrpos() [function.mb-strrpos]: Empty haystack in /get-recent-comments.php on line 1524

    Warning: mb_strrpos() [function.mb-strrpos]: Empty haystack in /get-recent-comments.php on line 1525

    Warning: mb_strrpos() [function.mb-strrpos]: Empty haystack in /get-recent-comments.php on line 1528


    29 Mar 09 at 12:46

  232. Ups, eigentlich heiß ich Michael und nicht Down.


    29 Mar 09 at 12:46

  233. Thanks for the great plugin, just a quick question, is there any way to modify the recent comments template so it can show PHP code? I’m using another plugin and would like to use this within the recent comments template:



    30 Mar 09 at 16:25

  234. great plugin! :)

    i was wondering a question…on my website my headers are an image on my sidebars… i made a nice image “recent comments” .. how do I add the image on top of the plugin on the sidebar? Thanks so much :)


    30 Mar 09 at 21:44

  235. Thanks for the recent fix on the Unicode string excerpt. It saves me from mocking around with the code myself. :)

    One enhancement to this already great plugin will be the option to skip blockquotes in excerpt. I tried adding this at line 1291 and it seems to work:
    $comment_excerpt = preg_replace("|



    Stephen Chu

    30 Mar 09 at 22:05

  236. Sorry. Forgot to encode the line of code. :( Here’s the encoded one:
    $comment_excerpt = preg_replace("|<blockquote>.+?</blockquote>|","",$comment_excerpt);

    Stephen Chu

    30 Mar 09 at 22:07

  237. Hi, and thank you for your plugin. Just a question relating to the gravatar : is it possible to change the default avatar for, e.g mystery man ?


    31 Mar 09 at 16:25

  238. Ok, sorry, I type quicker than I think.
    If other people have the same question, see “alternate url”.


    31 Mar 09 at 17:07

  239. Danke für deine schnelle Korrektur!


    31 Mar 09 at 18:37

  240. Thanks for updating the plugins.

    one of the classic plugins for SEO.

  241. Great plugin!!!
    I would you like know if I can use the stadard avatar function inside wp27 for customize recent-comments with the avatar image serve by wordpress (not gravatar) near the comment?


    3 Apr 09 at 12:16

  242. Hello, We wanted to show the full comment on mouse over, so we had to add an additional variable: %comment_full

    Here is the diff:

    — /Users/raphael/repo/wweekco/www/blogs/wp-content/plugins/get-recent-comments/get-recent-comments.php (revision 41)
    +++ /Users/raphael/repo/wweekco/www/blogs/wp-content/plugins/get-recent-comments/get-recent-comments.php (working copy)
    @@ -199,7 +199,9 @@

    <input name=”max_comments” type=”text” id=”max_comments” value=”" size=”3″ />
    - %comment_excerpt – Shortened comment.
    + %comment_full – comment.
    + %comment_excerpt – Shortened comment.
    %comment_link – Link to the comment.
    %comment_author – Name left by the commenter
    %comment_date – Date of comment
    @@ -310,7 +312,8 @@

    <input name=”max_comments” type=”text” id=”max_comments” value=”" size=”3″ />
    - %comment_excerpt – Shortened comment.
    + %comment_full – comment.
    + %comment_excerpt – Shortened comment.
    %comment_link – Link to the comment.
    %comment_author – Name left by the commenter
    %comment_date – Date of comment
    @@ -1406,6 +1409,11 @@
    $trackback_title = kjgrc_excerpt($trackback_title,$chars_per_comment,$chars_per_word,’%trackback_title’,$output);
    + // replace comment_full with the unadulterated comment
    + $output = str_replace(“%comment_full”, $comment_excerpt, $output);
    $comment_excerpt = kjgrc_excerpt($comment_excerpt,$chars_per_comment,$chars_per_word,’%comment_excerpt’,$output);
    if (kjgrc_get_option(“misc”,”convert_smileys”)) {
    if (function_exists(“csm_convert”) ) {


    3 Apr 09 at 20:28

  243. I love that plugin! But I miss, that comments on images are not displayed too.


    4 Apr 09 at 13:50

  244. Dear Kirsten,
    Is it possible to edit the code such that an additional tag is available for showing the category ID of the post’s comment ? like adding a %post_cat ..

    The reason I’m asking is because I’d like to style my comments link according to what categories they belong to.

    I hope you could help me out as I’d appreciate it greatly! Thanks again for the beautiful plugin.



    9 Apr 09 at 9:30

  245. I apologize for getting your name wrong, should be Krischan.


    9 Apr 09 at 9:31

  246. Hi Krischan,

    Great plugin by the way and very versatile. I do have a slight problem with my installation. Since you’ve upgraded from 2 versions ago, my plugin is showing the following:

    It seems like the other widgets don’t have this problem, only yours. Would you be able to assist me and possibly see why it’s doing this?



  247. How can I exclude page comments from being displayed?


    12 Apr 09 at 6:31

  248. how do you highlight your comments in blue, pink, orange, etc.?


    12 Apr 09 at 16:29

  249. I miss the opportunity to use recent comments widget on more than one widget area.

    As of now, if I use the build-in widget in my sidebar, then I can’t add it to my footer widget as well.

    I know I could use the php code, but then I have to use exec-php as well.

    This is especially an issue when customizing widget areas with widget-logic.

    Thomas Clausen

    13 Apr 09 at 19:32

  250. Hi, great job!

    Is there a form to hide JUST ONE USER comments?

    Something like.. if the user is administrator but his username is not admin, show the comments..

    If it’s posible, please give an answer in my mail or here..

    Thanks ;)


    13 Apr 09 at 23:37

  251. Hello,
    Thanks for this excellent plugin which we are using on our community blog. However, since upgrading to the plugin’s latest version, for some reason “%post_counter” is only outputting to total comments in English which used to be Bangla (localised). I can see that you have changed the output in two places: where it used to be “number_format_i18n($post_counter)” instead of simply “$post_counter”. I tried to revert them back but it is not working. Is there anywhere else where I should revert the changes?

    Any advice would be gratefully received.
    With regards


    14 Apr 09 at 16:39

  252. On wp 271 with 206 of GRC

    Proving once again that casting out one demon allows 10 more to enter,

    OK in IE 7

    But in Safari 321 and Mozilla 302 on Mac OS X 10.5.6 After a recent troubleshoot I now discover that comments are being rendered


    Have you seen this behaviour before and is there something I did or some solution?


    14 Apr 09 at 17:47

  253. Hi! Vielen Dank für das supi Plugin. Hätte aber noch eine Frage: kann man irgendwie jedem zweiten Kommentar eine bestimmte alternierende Klasse zuweisen, ohne in den Plugincode selbst einzugreifen?


    18 Apr 09 at 23:59

  254. Hi, thanks for your excellent plugin, I just started to use it in my blog.

    I notice there is a minor error that I would like to highlight to you. In the Macros <a %author_url_href … eventually the output become <a a href=”http://…

    Also I have made some modification to the get-recent-comments.php file in my blog. A new macro $author_url_full_href is added to the file, so that when %author_url is empty it only display author name, rather than it display an empty link. Here are the modification:

    // line added
    $author_url_full_href = “comment_author_url\”>$comment->comment_author“;

    if (empty($author_url) || $author_url == “http://”){

       $author_url_href = “”;
       // line added
       $author_url_full_href = $comment->comment_author;

    // line added
    $output = str_replace(“%author_url_full_href”, $author_url_full_href, $output);

    Philip Ze

    Philip Ze

    19 Apr 09 at 14:06

  255. Hallo, habe ein Layoout problem mit alle Themen, aber man kann es am besten hier sehen: Das Widget hat nicht das gleiche HTML als die andere Widget… ich habe nichts im Plugin geandert, nur %autor_url im Link auf das Author Name, und %comment_link im Link auf die ersten 80 Zeichen des Kommentar… Kann est sein das meine Version von das Plugin irgendwie korrupt ist ?


    21 Apr 09 at 16:38

  256. Midori: Wie sieht das aus, wenn das recent comments widget nicht das oberste ist?


    23 Apr 09 at 12:44

  257. .wired: Da müsste man den code erweitern… Ich finde die Idee nicht schlecht, vielleicht bau ich das mal rein.


    23 Apr 09 at 12:48

  258. BGR: I think this is a problem of the theme and not the plugin. The plugin only produces structured data within basic html markups. The layout is done by the css of the theme.


    23 Apr 09 at 12:50

  259. muktangon: Your previous version was patched by someone else :-) I never used number_format_i18n() on the numbers. Though it sounds like a good idea! Thanks.


    23 Apr 09 at 12:54

  260. GoRhY: There is only the possibility of filtering all “admin” users.


    23 Apr 09 at 12:56

  261. Aah, Sie haben wahrscheinlich etwas gefunden: wenn es am zweite oder dritte Platz ist, gibt dieses Problem nicht SOLANGE das Widget direkt oben ist ein “Offiziell” Widget und nicht ein Plugin-widget… (z.B. Authors => kein Problem / Language picker => Problem). Wenn ich setze Get Recent Comments wieder oben es bleibt “Korrekt” bis ich wähle ein andere Thema. Wenn ich lasse “Authors” oben, es geht für alle Themen.

    Ich werde es so benützen bis Sie das Problem korrigieren, obwohl ich mag am besten Get Recent Plugin ganz oben :)


    23 Apr 09 at 23:25

  262. great plug-in! thanks! but warning message appeared in my wordpress like this:

    Warning: mb_regex_encoding() [function.mb-regex-encoding]: Unknown encoding “EUC-CN” in /homepages/26/d170312892/htdocs/zb/blog/wp-content/plugins/get-recent-comments/get-recent-comments.php on line 1054



    24 Apr 09 at 8:21

  263. Greetings, I really like this plugin. A minor but important issue I’m having with it is that gravatars are not being displayed, despite the fact that gravatars work properly in my post comments.

    I’ve double-checked everything I can. Was wondering if someone here might be able to offer some ideas for a solution.

    Thanks for any help.


    Deb Phillips

    24 Apr 09 at 22:12

  264. I’m embarrassed, but I just realized how to bring up the gravatar! Here’s another question, though. So far all recent commenters don’t have a gravatar, so the default gravatar shows up.

    Is it possible to bring up identicons instead of the default gravatar? Thanks!

    Deb Phillips

    25 Apr 09 at 4:51

  265. Hi Krischan,

    I love this plugin. Thanks. I am using it as a widget in wordpress 2.7.1 – I would like the oldest comment to be at the top and the most recent comment to be at the bottom; how can I fix that? I don’t know much about html, so if you can supply the code and tell me where to put it that would be so helpful! You can see how I have it set up now on my blog at the URL provided.


    26 Apr 09 at 19:53

  266. Hi, thanks for this great plug-in. It looks like it should do everything I need, but I’m having trouble with the options. The changes to the settings are not reflected on the output. The only way to make changes seems to be by clicking the edit widget button — and that only allows changing the number of comments and the title. I don’t seem to have the other options that show in your illustration. In fact my menu options in WordPress are different than you show. I don’t have “presentation”, I have “appearance”. Is this a difference between my 2.7.1 and older versions?

    In particular I was interested in getting the content of the comments on the sidebar (just as shown on your website) which should happen even in your default mode. I’ve tried different themes and don’t see the content in any of them.


    4 May 09 at 14:10

  267. Hi, I want to change the widget title from the standard text to an image – how do I do this?


    8 May 09 at 14:34

  268. hi, i love your plugin mate.

    but i have a little problem with the gravatars.
    I dont know why it show the random gravatar picture

    here is the code.

    %gravatar %comment_author%post_title %comment_excerpt


    11 May 09 at 10:50

  269. %gravatar[a href="%author_url " title="%post_title, %post_date"] %comment_author[/a] på [a href="%post_link" title="%post_link, %post_date"]%post_title[/a] [small]%comment_excerpt[br][/small]


    11 May 09 at 10:51

  270. Hi there, I’ve been playing around with the category excluder functionality and it doesn’t seem to be working for me.

    1) When I exclude one category – the comments on posts in that category continue to show up in the output.

    2) When I selected to “include” all the categories except one – it worked fairly well but it seemed to be not including at least one category that I wanted included.

    Any ideas, links?

    thanks, Mike

    Four Pillars

    23 May 09 at 3:33

  271. utf8 error in get_recent_comments.php . i converted it utf-8 without bom and worked fine .


    28 May 09 at 1:43

  272. Deniz, how did you find the utf-8 error?


    28 May 09 at 12:17

  273. I’m a total loss I’ve tried everything I can think of but for some reason I can only get the default gravatar. What’s even more peculiar its not even the default as set in my discussion admin
    please advise. I’m about to pull out my hair


    29 May 09 at 13:57

  274. Hi,

    I have the Profile Picture plugin installed, and when I use “%profile_picture” for the recent comments, nothing shows up at all.

    I use this code:
    %comment_author: %comment_excerpt

    And everything shows up perfectly in the result except the profile images, they do not show up under recent comments in the sidebar, they only show up in the actual comments section of posts.

    Under “Results” in the plug-in options page, the src part is src=”" , so the %profile_picture isn;t being updated there. Is there a way to fix this !?


    1 Jun 09 at 20:45

  275. Hi,

    I love the Recent Comments plugin! Question: how do I link the post_link to the title of the post (in addition to the commenter’s name?)

    For example, in the comment below I want to make the post title “Making Envy Work for You – Helen Gurley Brown” a hotlink that takes readers directly to the post itself.

    Gini Grey: Another great article Laurie. I’ve been playing with turning envy around lately, but… Making Envy Work for You – Helen Gurley Brown



    Laurie PK

    7 Jun 09 at 23:53

  276. Hi
    I need to integrate the code of this widget into the sidebar.php because it has four other items. I did it like with the others by copy and paste. It does not work at all. If I activate it as a widget, it replaces the existing sidebar.

    What should I do to keep the sidebar and your functionality?

    Thanks for helping!


    8 Jun 09 at 13:24

  277. Weird problem on my blog. I have the character cut off set at 60 characters but some cut off at far less than that, often at 10 characters or less.

    Any thoughts?


    10 Jun 09 at 16:43

  278. I’m having one problem with this otherwise terrific plugin: post titles are not wrapping.

    This makes the formatting a bit clunky because the right margin becomes very jagged.

    Is there a way to ensure that long post titles are not moved down to a lower line, but wrap over two lines?




    11 Jun 09 at 1:47

  279. Wordpress 2.8 broked this plugin!

    Special K

    11 Jun 09 at 17:24

  280. I was checking uncle G for some comment plugins and there your plugin just pop up. Hope it will save me some work.


    12 Jun 09 at 15:34

  281. Ah, nevermind I figured it out. :)


    12 Jun 09 at 16:12

  282. Is it compatible with WordPress 2.8??? Any issue with the new WordPress release??

    Web Talk

    13 Jun 09 at 8:24

  283. Is it possible to define max. number of comments to show from within the template tag??

    John david

    14 Jun 09 at 9:35

  284. Greate plugin!!

    I have an idea… Add ajaxed page navigation to give visitors the ability to view older comments.


    14 Jun 09 at 18:56

  285. I guess no answer to my question…will try another plugin.

    Laurie PK

    15 Jun 09 at 14:20

  286. With wordpress 2.8 I now have to manually update the plugin to make the “recent comments” to update on my page. (go in to settings and press “update recent comments options”)

    More than me that had this problem?

    Carl Rytterfalk

    15 Jun 09 at 23:59

  287. this doesn’t worked with WordPress’ built-in paged comments. The links to individual comments re broken unless the comment appears on the first page of the comments. Otherwise, the links don’t work.


    16 Jun 09 at 5:37

  288. @ Laurie PK

    have some fait. the creator of this plugin is a little lazy but in the end he will update it (at least, this is what he has been doing for the previous versions of its plugin) he just needs to wake up! lol

    Web Talk

    16 Jun 09 at 10:39

  289. I hope he wakes up soon(er) :D

    Carl Rytterfalk

    16 Jun 09 at 11:12

  290. Good morning guys!

    As usual wordpress keeps downwards compatibilty to it’s plugins. We have no really bad problems until now. There is only one bug report (by kate) which is on the todo list.

    Does anybody know of any other bugs to fix?

    Thanks to you all!


    16 Jun 09 at 23:12

  291. Carl: Most probably this has nothing to do with wordpress 2.8. Please try this workaround: disable the cache.


    16 Jun 09 at 23:14

  292. Laurie:

    <a href="%post_link">%post_title</a>

    You owe the oracle a link to “selfhtml” :-)


    16 Jun 09 at 23:37

  293. Hi,
    I comment I want to show thumbnails of the next. How to make this ?

    Nasıl Yapılır

    20 Jun 09 at 21:31

  294. I’m having the same problem as Carl. How do I disable the cache?


    23 Jun 09 at 5:15

  295. Nevermind. I found where to do it. Hopefully that will do the trick. Thanks!


    23 Jun 09 at 5:20

  296. And…problem solved. Thanks!


    23 Jun 09 at 17:58

  297. Is it possible to give get_recent_comments() variables, if I want to use it several places in my theme.

    For example:

    Would get the recent comments from category ID 4


    24 Jun 09 at 10:01

  298. I have the same question as @Ronny…

    would love to be able to use multiple instances of the plugin and define how many recent comments to show each time.


    25 Jun 09 at 20:45

  299. Thank you so much for the great plugin!

    I also have the same question as both Ronny and Charles; is there a way to use multiple instances of the plugin on the same page, and choose from certain categories (just like Ronny showed)?

    I did see you told @ferriol that by comments seperated by categories is not yet possible, looking for work around using multiple instances and calling specific categories.


    27 Jun 09 at 8:01

  300. I used wordpress 2.8 and install this plugin but when I config new format for recent comments layout my session kick me to logout from admin page and cannot login with old password anymore!!! what happen!!??? I have to reset my admin password everytime and cannot use this plugin :(


    28 Jun 09 at 9:31

  301. Hi Ronny, Charles an Eric: The plugin is not able to take variables from the function call. The is a frequently requested feature – I will implement it, but I can not promise, when.


    30 Jun 09 at 10:55

  302. cylenre: I am sure, that you experienced a coincidence. The plugin does nothing with the passwords, and a serious bug like this would have been known earlier, because there are thousands of installations of the plugin in the wild.


    30 Jun 09 at 10:59

  303. The code change above suggested by Chris Murphy above corrected a but which I have noticed since first using this plugin with WP 2.3, where punctuation was incorrectly formatted only on the recent comments list.  I would strongly recommend this be done in the base code.

    Line 1247: remove $comment_excerpt = strip_tags( wptexturize($comment_excerpt) );
    replace with:
    $comment_excerpt = strip_tags( $comment_excerpt );

    It’s line 1291 in the current version 2.0.6
    Thanks for the handy plugin!

    David Roberts

    1 Jul 09 at 6:18

  304. I was just wondering, why all of a sudden my comments are no longer sorted by comment date? can you pelase have a look? follow the link of my profile to my homepage and check out the sidebar, the comments in the second tab are not sorted by date :-(


    1 Jul 09 at 10:06

  305. Hello, any clues on how could I use multiple instances of this amazing plugin?

    Catalin Zorzini

    5 Jul 09 at 22:46

  306. When I installed a different widget I must have put PHP into a less-forgiving mode, because I started getting errors like

    Notice: Use of undefined constant comments – assumed ‘comments’ in /home/jerssoft/public_html/muddled/wp-content/plugins/get-recent-comments/get-recent-comments.php on line 928

    It seems you have a few unquoted values that should be string literals, two on line 928 and two on line 929. Not a biggie but you probably want to clean those up.


    11 Jul 09 at 4:14

  307. Thanks for your work on this plugin, love it!


    11 Jul 09 at 5:59

  308. I ought to try out this plugin since there are so many comments and responses.

    Dr. L M Foong

    12 Jul 09 at 7:33

  309. Thanks for a great plugin and all the work that goes into creating and maintaining it! Much appreciated.


    13 Jul 09 at 3:40

  310. Hi Krischan,

    RE: get_recent_comments() function.

    Do you have any updates as to when it will be possible to pass variables, such as the Category ID?

    Kind regards,



    13 Jul 09 at 20:42

  311. Hi there, fantastic plugin. Does anybody have any suggestions for a peice of code I could add to the plugin to add a ‘next’ and ‘previouse’ button that would display the previouse X (how ever many comments have been set to be displayed) comments.


    15 Jul 09 at 15:06

  312. @Mitul

    There is a category ID in $post->term_taxonomy_id. If the post belongs to several categories, it’ll contain the last category found in the database.


    your plugin is fantastic. I’ve written a plugin too : Category Icons (v2.1 is compatible with WP2.8+) and I have a request : could you please add thoses lines in your plugin to add compatibility with my plugin :

    if (function_exists( ‘get_cat_icon‘)) {
    $output = str_replace( ‘%post_icon‘, get_cat_icon(’cat=’.$post->term_taxonomy_id.’&echo=0&link=false’), $output);

    %post_icon will then display the category icon of the post. To be more precise, it’ll display the LAST category icon, as $post->term_taxonomy_id contains the last category found in the database if the post belongs to several categories. I’ll be very happy if my plugin was compatible with your Get recent comments plugin ! :D


    23 Jul 09 at 8:23

  313. Please help. Where do I edit the comment lengths and number of comments to display?? Is it in the get-recent-comments.php file? I can’t seem to find it.

    Also, by default, the recent comments are listed in “list” form, is there anyway I can change that?



    24 Jul 09 at 7:26

  314. My “recent comments” only show the author and comment. it doesn’t show in which post the comment is made. How can I change this? Thanks!


    24 Jul 09 at 7:29

  315. Where is Options/Recent Comments?


    24 Jul 09 at 8:48

  316. NEVERMIND! I figured it all out. Thanks


    24 Jul 09 at 9:35

  317. Hallo,

    es stört mich zwar nicht wirklich, aber ist es irgendwie möglich Gänsefüsschen (“) durchgehend korrekt darstellen zu lassen?

    Wenn nämlich in dem Teil des Kommentars, welches in der Sidebar angezeigt wird, Anführungsstrichchen vorkommen, dann wird meistens (nicht immer) irgendwelcher Mist stattdessen angezeigt. Das ändert sich leider auch nicht wenn ich ein &quot; daraus mache.

    Irgendeine Idee? Dankeschön!


    24 Jul 09 at 22:33

  318. Is this the exact plugin that is also used on the right side-bar of this website?

    Michael Pillsbury

    7 Aug 09 at 23:33

  319. No, Michael, I don’t use my own plugin. Just kidding, of course this is the get recent comments plugin. :-)


    9 Aug 09 at 1:01

  320. Hey there,
    Nice plugin, better than the standard widget in WP. Only thing is I would like the recent comments which are shown in the sidebar to be clickable to the entrie or comment itself. This would be very helpful for reading the complete comment when it was chopped because it was too long…


    10 Aug 09 at 19:22

  321. I like your theme Binary Moon. I am experimenting a problem. When you visit the site, this error appears:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /home/haqknehq/public_html/ on line 2

    I re-copied the index.php file. It is the first time I see this error. How can I find the filed get_header()

    Victor Rodriguez

    18 Aug 09 at 23:05

  322. Victor: Thanks for the compliment. But I am not the author of binary moon :-)


    23 Aug 09 at 0:01

  323. thank you for this great plugin! happy greets from austria :)


    6 Sep 09 at 0:15

  324. like so many others here, I also need to restrict my comments to a single category, any idea when this functionality might be available?

    Brent Lagerman

    7 Sep 09 at 5:30

  325. Hi,

    ich habe auch das Problem, leider schon immer, dass Sonderzeichen, selbst im Unicode-Format, und wenn es nur einfache Gänsefüßchen sind, fehlerhaft in der Sidebar angezeigt werden.

    Außerdem werden blöderweise Sonderzeichen wie normaler Text behandelt und mittendrin abgeschnitten, so dass beispielsweise aus &#8… wird.

    Gibt’s da irgendeine einfache Lösung?


    11 Sep 09 at 16:42

  326. Hi,

    Would you be interested in making a feature for this plugin that allows the comments to be randomly displayed every time a page loads? If so how much would you charge in USD?

    -Don Elliott
    Elliott Design

    Don Elliott

    13 Sep 09 at 20:42

  327. I’m sorry if this is not the appropriate place to ask this question, but I’m attempting to use this plugin on a site I am working on. I’m using the latest version of WordPress MU, 2.8.4. It is working excellently on all but one page. The page is a single post view containing a poll. (wp-polls by Lester Chan). On the problematic page it is not displaying the name of the commentator. I have removed the recent comments from this page temporarily as this is an active site.

    If you have any ideas as to how I can correct the problem please let me know. Thank you for the otherwise wonderful plugin :-)

    Laura Wieler

    17 Sep 09 at 1:17

  328. Okay, so it turns out I had used CSS to hide all anchor tags found within list tags on the offending page. All is working well now!

    Thanks again for the great plugin.

    See it in use at

    Laura Wieler

    17 Sep 09 at 2:09

  329. Really great way to interact with visitors making them returning visitors.


    18 Sep 09 at 11:45

  330. Hi Krischan,

    Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful plug-in! I have only one small issue, and I’ve searched for an answer with no luck so far.

    Basically the recent comments seem to be cutting off arbitrarily–in some cases only after 2-3 words, even though I have the character limit set to 120 (on WP 2.8.4, with the latest recent comments build).

    Here’s the site (, which is a dating/relationship/advice site, so the content is a tiny bit NSFW. The comments are on the left, and seem to cut off–some earlier than others. Any idea how I might fix this?

    Thanks again for your excellent plug-in, and thanks so much in advance for any suggestions you might be able to offer as to how to address this issue.




    18 Sep 09 at 19:34

  331. Nevermind–I think I figured it out. Thanks again!


    18 Sep 09 at 20:13

  332. Damn… it’s actually happening again. Has anyone seen this before? Check the top comment (or the one that seems to be cutting off if it’s not the comment by the time you click through):

    There’s no punctuation there at all… why is that comment from “Rob” cutting off early?

    Thanks so much, would appreciate any help on this.



    19 Sep 09 at 1:49

  333. Any ideas, Krischan or anyone else? Thanks!


    21 Sep 09 at 15:33

  334. PROBLEM!!

    I tried a lot and I don’t even could activate the plugin.

    This is the message.

    Please, someone help me!!

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_recent_comments() (previously declared in /home/raybanoc/public_html/ Guy/functions.php:59) in /home/raybanoc/public_html/ on line 854


    22 Sep 09 at 19:19

  335. Fernando: Which version of wordpress, get-recent-comments and php are you using?


    24 Sep 09 at 11:13

  336. rob: Am I too late to see the error on your page?


    24 Sep 09 at 11:14

  337. Weird bug: We have a website with lots of comments and consequently the comments are shown on multiple pages. We display the oldest comments first, so the newest ones are on sub-pages. The problem is that when a new comment is added on these sub-pages, the comment links in the Widget aren’t working. It looks like they just don’t have the proper url structure.

    Anyone bumped into this issue? Could it be because the plugin can’t handle multiple comment pages?

    Thanks for the great plugin!


    24 Sep 09 at 15:28

  338. Krischan:

    get-recent-comments Versão 2.0.6
    wordpress 2.8.4

    Can you please help?



    24 Sep 09 at 21:14

  339. Fernando: These versions are known to be working. There is something wrong with your wordpress installation. Somehow your installation tries to include the plugin twice. Or it includes several different versions. Can you check the plugin directory? Are there old files, which you should delete?


    25 Sep 09 at 11:16

  340. Steph: You are right: Putting comments on multipe pages is a pretty knew option in wordpress, and the plugin doesn’t know how to handle that. Until it does I would recommend to let the plugin show less comments than you put on one comment page. Since it only shows the newest comments, there shoud be only links to the first comments page. And this is backwards compatible.


    25 Sep 09 at 11:21

  341. Krischan: I erased the plugin by ftp, and donwloaded again and tried again. It didn’t activate again.
    It’s incredible, I’m the only guy in the world that is not abled to use your plugin. I don’t see anybody else with my problem. It doesn’t even activate.

    Krischan, if there is any plugin that does something close to yours would you please send me by email?
    In case I can’t fix this?

    Thanks a lot!
    Best regards,


    25 Sep 09 at 17:15

  342. I have just recently upgraded to 2.8.4 from the legacy 2.0.11. I’m pretty sure that the recent comments plugin was working in the first couple of days after the upgrade. But as of today, the sidebar doesn’t update unless I go into the plugin settings and hit “update recent comments options”.

    The only change I’ve made was to switch all the wp database tables from latin1 to utf-8. But this started occurring a couple of days earlier when I was failing to make the database switch and having to restore the databases entirely from backups.

    Any ideas about what I might have done to cause this error?

    Thank you.

    E Morris, (unlinked in an attempt to deter spammers)


    25 Sep 09 at 19:02

  343. Krischan, I want to make a Page which shows all the comments on all posts and pages on my blog in a descending order with pagination. Is it possible with your plugin? Thanks.


    25 Sep 09 at 20:23

  344. ejm: No idea. But usally in this case it works to disable the caching.


    27 Sep 09 at 16:08

  345. is this bug?
    Thai language topic does not show up comment
    but Eng language topic show comment.
    you can see in this pic below

    …my english not strong


    3 Oct 09 at 4:48

  346. messi

    3 Oct 09 at 4:49

  347. Thank you, Krischan, that did the trick.


    4 Oct 09 at 5:42

  348. Hallo!
    Wie kann ich einstellen:
    User(fett)und Beitragsnamen angeben.


    5 Oct 09 at 16:06

  349. Hi Krischan,

    Thank you for the great plugin! I’ve used it before on previous versions of WP and it was working fine, but now I’m having problems with WordPress 2.8.4. I’m testing my site here

    Recent comments is in the bottom-right part of the site. The problem is that the comments from certain posts make it crash or something and it doesn’t show anything. And the posts in question are not the same every time, sometimes it’s one, then other, then even two or three at a time. When I disable the comments under these posts it’s working but when I add new ones (no matter under which post) it starts behaving again.
    Tried to disactivate the plugins but it still won’t work. Then I switched to the default template, turned off all the plugins and when I put recent-comments in the sidebar it won’t work on the homepage but only in posts.
    I hope you have any ideas what may be the problem and if it’s fixable. I really would like to use this wonderful plugin:)


    6 Oct 09 at 9:37

  350. Hi,
    thanks for the plugin. Its great..I have one question…
    Where can i change the CSS attributes for this plugin.. coz it makes my template dont look so good..

    Any idea?



    9 Oct 09 at 18:36

  351. Love this plugin, thanks very much for working on it. :)

    I’m another guy suffering from the ‘comments on sub-pages’ issue. The workaround doesn’t really work for me as the oldest page is shown first, and this isn’t going to change.

    Ryan Williams

    13 Oct 09 at 15:39

  352. I to am vexed by the plug-in not working with paged comments. I have LOTS of comments on my blog and I have no choice but to page them.

    Dr. Conspiracy

    15 Oct 09 at 3:05

  353. this is a great plugin but it does not work…. it shows comments in categories that i specifically set to NOT show in the categories settings. any idea how to fix this?


    16 Oct 09 at 19:47

  354. Any chnace in adding a feature whereby we can template the “Comment ID” only e.g.
    %comment_ID – Comment number/ID []



    22 Oct 09 at 19:27

  355. I have ‘Exclude comments by blog authors (your own comments)’ ticked but it’s still not showing administrator comments. Is this a bug with the current release or something isolated to my site? Can anyone confirm?

    Ryan Williams

    31 Oct 09 at 13:10

  356. Hello,

    I’m the author of Comment Rating plugin.
    which adds clickable images for readers to vote in the Likes vs. dislike fashion.

    I had user asking for a widget to display comments with the voting results in sidebar. You have done a excellent plugin/widget and I have no intention of reinventing the wheel.

    Could I branch off you plugin and add the Comment Rating images and votes? To be mroe specific, I’ll create a Comment Rating widget using your code and follow your release schedule. Of course, the work will be attributed to you.

    Please let me know whether this is ok with you.

    Kind regards,

    Bob King

    1 Nov 09 at 15:41

  357. Hello,
    great plugin ! Is it possible to no have the link to a website on a name of a poster ? I mean impossible to click on a name if there is a link.
    thakn you


    2 Nov 09 at 12:47

  358. Hi, thanks for your plugin!

    I would just like to highlight that your current version (2.0.6) is using the deprecated wp function get_settings, which has been replaced by get_option – see

    Daniel Chong

    3 Nov 09 at 16:49

  359. Hi, I’m using this nice plugin since 2 month now and It’s a really nice plugin except the fact that emoticon conversion doesn’t work. Please see image at :


    6 Nov 09 at 11:53

  360. I can’t get the text to align at the top of the gravatar. Any help?

    Brady martin

    6 Nov 09 at 19:34

  361. Your plugin is great! But how about to do characters limitation for Post Title? I think it must be very simple :)


    7 Nov 09 at 1:17

  362. Hi, Krischan!

    Wondeful, very useful plugin, thank you very much!

    With WordPress comments pagination feature on, sometimes a recent comment is on the previous page. Is there a way to print out comment links with the comment page specified?


    8 Nov 09 at 22:44

  363. Bob, I think the best way would be to add a macro “%rating”. At the first glance it looks like it’s easy to use to add support for your rating function. Feel free to branch off. I will backport the changes to the next plugin release, to save you from having to patch it over and over again.


    9 Nov 09 at 23:49

  364. Krischan! please help me with characters limitation for Post Title. For Post Comments it work perfect, how to do same for Post Titles?


    10 Nov 09 at 0:49

  365. How can I get comments newest comments to appear first. As the 22nd comment people have to go back three pages t find most current comment shown on the widget in sidebar.

    Bill Gram-Reefer

    16 Nov 09 at 23:27

  366. Hi guys!

    This seems like a very sweet plugin. But the exclude categories function does not seem to work. Even when in settings telling the plugin not to list comments from a certain category they still appear….

    Is this a bug? Anyone know how to get around this?



    21 Nov 09 at 1:42

  367. Hey Krischan
    This is a terrific plugin. The options are incredible. I’ve recently changed the way I’m doing widgets on one of my sites (now using section widget) and I can’t get GRC to work that way. Had the same issue with another plugin, but using a shortcode for the output solved it. Any chance of getting a shortcode for the output of GRC?


    23 Nov 09 at 6:26

  368. Oh … barring the shortcode, another option might be the ability to designate what page the plugin output appears on … for example, i’m only looking to have it on the main page.

    thanks … and again, great plugin.


    23 Nov 09 at 6:33

  369. Hey!
    I have a tricky question.

    On my blog I’m using the allow categories plugin to restrict access to certain categories to non-logged user. Can we manage to get recent comments for restricted categories only when we are logged and get recent comments to the other categories only when we are not logged to the blog ?



    27 Nov 09 at 19:32

  370. Thanks for a very useful plug-in.

    B Shantanu

    27 Nov 09 at 20:48

  371. Hi. Great widget. Can you customize it so that the most recent comments section contains no more than 1 comment from any user? So even if for example “George” makes 4 comments only his latest one will show up in the list?


    Andrew G

    4 Dec 09 at 14:05

  372. Thanks for a great, elegant plugin. It’s rare to find a plugin that does just exactly what you want it to do and looks like you want it to look, but Get Recent Comments is pretty much perfect from my perspective.


    5 Dec 09 at 16:47

  373. Hi. I’ve just activated your plugin. Looks nice but one thing isn’t working for me:

    The email address that I use for the blog is “joey AT dogsdontlookbothways DOT com”. I’ve CHECKED the box “Exclude comments by blog authors (your own comments)” and in the Profile section, “Joey” is the “Display Name” and the “Nickname” so it seems to me that Joey’s comments should not show up. However, the “Comments” sidebar shows Joey’s comments, which I think it should not.

    Anything I can do to NOT show Joey’s comments?

    Thank you.


    11 Dec 09 at 5:26

  374. Hi, any progress on the paged comments bug?

    Dr. Conspiracy

    11 Dec 09 at 13:15

  375. I checked off the “Show Comments and Trackbacks/Pingbacks together” checkbox in the Comments screen. If I did this, do I still have to add both the Comments and Trackbacks widgets to my sidebar? I don’t have any trackbacks yet so I have no way of knowing if it’s necessary or not.

    Josh Sager

    11 Dec 09 at 22:03

  376. Love the plug-in, thanks very much!

    Just one thing – it doesn’t seem to display comments left on photos.

    For example – each of my posts has a gallery of photos in it. When someone clicks on a photo, they can leave a comment. This comment shows up in WP’s built-in default comments widget, but not in yours.

    Any chance of fixing this?


    J. Johnson

    14 Dec 09 at 22:45

  377. hey dude,

    awesome plugin.. it’s pretty much what i was looking for.
    except for 1 little detail, the title isn’t showing.

    on you will be able to see that the “Recent Comments” isn’t showing.

    the only thing i’ve done, is uploading the file to plugins folder, activated it, set the settings, and put it in my sidebar.
    now, the title isn’t showing.
    i only discovered that it’s supposed to have a title because i found some other guys via this page that use it.

    could you give me a tip?
    it’s pretty crappy to have a plugin that doesn’t work 100%.


    16 Dec 09 at 10:58

  378. Hi Krischan,

    Love the plugin but I have a weird bug where anyone whose name is two words like “Bob Smith” it won’t display in the side bar. Yet names like “Bob” do…any ideas?

    Allison Reynolds

    22 Dec 09 at 8:35

  379. Hi Krischan,
    I really like your plugin as it is very useful for many tasks, but I would like to point one thing that looks like a bug:
    When you chose to hide the author’s comments, the widget displays the comments in ASC order (oldest first) instead of displaying the new ones first.
    Just a small issue, for the rest it is such a great job.


    23 Dec 09 at 3:47

  380. Hi Krischan,

    many people here have problems whit category exclusion system.

    I think that the problem exist only if every post is archived in multiple categories

    i mean that exclusion system based on categories works fine only if every post is archived in only one category.

    Any ideas?


    25 Dec 09 at 20:00

  381. Hey! This is a great plugin, now I am able to put recent comments into the header of my WordPress blog. BUT I HAVE A FEATURE SUGGESTION! There are variables available that print certain text. Like %comment_excerpt, %comment_link, %comment_author, %comment_date ETC ETC…. %comment_excerpt prints out the SHORTENED comment. Could you add a variable which would PRINT THE WHOLE COMMENT? So that I could put it like this: when user puts cursor on comment author’s nickname, it would show the whole comment if I put that variable in the code. Could you please make this variable available? Thanks! I already tried just putting %comment_text without success.


    27 Dec 09 at 18:09

  382. And I also tried putting %comment_content but that didn’t work either! And I definitely don’t want to shorten the limit of long comments, because that would make all of the recent comment list’s comments so long that it would make no sense at all. So could you add some variable which would show the WHOLE comment?


    27 Dec 09 at 18:20

  383. hi, first, thanks for this plugin and I love it so much. I found a validation error caused by repetition of the ID get_recent_comments_wrap for using one recent comment and one recent trackback. It already reported above though. Hopefully will be fixed by next version. Thanks!


    27 Dec 09 at 23:31

  384. Sounds like a great plugin, does is it compatible with WP 2.9?


    29 Dec 09 at 1:46

  385. Thank you for the plugin! Great work!
    How to show the small image of the post that was commented???


    29 Dec 09 at 13:30

  386. Wie kann man eine statische Seite erstellen ( und dort alle Kommentare anzeigen?



    31 Dec 09 at 10:39

  387. In fact, I’d like my Get Recent Comments to show in my sidebar as they show in yours. Thanks!!


    3 Jan 10 at 21:36

  388. Katherine: Write “%gravatar into the template.


    4 Jan 10 at 1:09

  389. TomM: 5 people say it works. 0 people say it’s broken. WordPress is very friendly to plugins. So far there were zero updates the really broke the plugin.


    4 Jan 10 at 1:11

  390. pinkhare: Most probably I won’t fix it. It’s a cosmetic error, that does not affect the function in any way.


    4 Jan 10 at 1:13

  391. Jupsteho: Ok, it’s on the todo list now.


    4 Jan 10 at 1:13

  392. Having a problem with the gravatars. For some reason all avatars are showing up as the logged in user’s gravatar rather than the commenter’s? Any idea what’s going on?


    6 Jan 10 at 2:55

  393. I cant seem to get the gravatars to work. What am I missing? But I guess its not the plugin because Im a total noob. But plz put me in the right direction.



    8 Jan 10 at 3:05

  394. okay it seems that it’s working fine here – that must be something with my wordpress sorry for trouble

    wordpress seo

    10 Jan 10 at 16:13

  395. Thenks!!!


    12 Jan 10 at 10:17

  396. Is there a way to use or edit this plugin to get at the most recent comment from a specific page or post? I see the category filtering option, but I need to show the most recent comment from a specific page in my sidebar…

    ElShaddai Edwards

    16 Jan 10 at 16:38

  397. instructions: “Go to the presentation menu and drag and drop the widget into the sidebar.”

    What if I have 2 sidebars in my theme and there is only 1 “Get Recent Comments”?

    Other plugins allow multiple uses of the widget drag and drop but with Get Recent Comments there is only 1 available.

    Hope this makes sense. Can anyone help?


    18 Jan 10 at 19:50

  398. Plugin instructions: “Go to the presentation menu and drag and drop the widget into the sidebar.”

    What if I have 2 sidebars in my theme and there is only 1 “Get Recent Comments”?

    Other plugins allow multiple uses of the widget drag and drop but with Get Recent Comments there is only 1 available.

    Hope this makes sense. Can anyone help?


    21 Jan 10 at 0:18

  399. Hey Krischan, well done with your plugin, it’s awesome.
    But i’m still trying to use it to retrive comments to an attachment (an image for example, comments to image.php). This type of comments are placed in the same table but they are not visualized, any ideas on wich i can work with?

    Andrea Pinti

    21 Jan 10 at 12:42

  400. Thank you for a great plug-in. Please can you help me, I’m running a secure members only site, so I don’t want the posts to appear unless someone is logged on to out site. How can I do that?

    Thank you for your help
    Cheers, Andrew

    Andrew Manby

    25 Jan 10 at 4:07

  401. I like your plug-in a lot and have used it since I began posting. However it doesn’t do two functions that the instructions say it will. Namely, it lists all my comments along with the others despite all attempts to avoid that (email, username, etc.) and the comments all stop before the actual comment (even though the example in the options shows just fine).


    25 Jan 10 at 16:08

  402. For some reason, this plugin stopped working for me. Specifically, it only shows comments that I manually approved (i.e. posts that used to be in “Pending” status, and that I manually approved).

    Does anyone know how to solve this issue?



    31 Jan 10 at 5:30

  403. I’vee been using this plugin for a some time now and I really like it. One for the wishlist: comments on images do not show up in the list, I think it would be great, thanks for sharing

    Infographiste PAO

    2 Feb 10 at 12:09

  404. A quick note — the problem I mentioned above is now fixed. All I had to do was turn off (i.e. uncheck) the option to cache comment info within the plugin’s settings. Now it works fine.
    Mike @


    2 Feb 10 at 15:51

  405. Hi – great plugin, I’ve been using it for some time. Just spotted a small problem. The option “Exclude comments by blog authors” doesn’t quite do that. It excludes comments by all subscribed members. It would be more useful if it only excluded those that were author or above as many people subscribe to mine but are not authors, only commenters. All their remarks don’t show.


    3 Feb 10 at 18:37

  406. Не дурный ресурс это какойто стандартный движок?!


    6 Feb 10 at 1:03

  407. Sometimes my posts have a long post_title. I’d like to shorten it to maybe 5 characters but this is only possible through the ‘Long comments are chopped off at’ feature.


    6 Feb 10 at 9:31

  408. Of late I see a strange problem, every few days my settings vanish (I have a very specific way I am using this to show gravatars and line in the sidebar) . It is fine for a day or two and without reason goes back to defaults (reset). Would greatly appreciate inputs/help. Please feel fre to mail me as well..


    7 Feb 10 at 2:53

  409. Hey there Krischan, nice plugin! Maybe you can tell me if it’s possible to make the author’s name or the post title of the comment clickable towards the comment itself? I know have the comments in the sidebar like I want to, but it’s not possible to go to the commented entrie easily. If I use the %comment_link it puts in the complete loooong link in the sidebar instead of the neat, short name of the entrie like when I use %post_title as I’m doing now.


    7 Feb 10 at 12:27

  410. Krischan, Appreciate your or one of the others’ help on changing the font color of the headlines in our Get Recent Comments plugin (to black :p)
    Hope all’s well in Germany, Matt


    11 Feb 10 at 10:29

  411. Hi,

    is it possible to overwrite the number of shown comments in template files?

    something like this:

    if ( i_want_to() == true )

    this would make this plugin even more perfect.

    thank you


    12 Feb 10 at 19:43

  412. Apparantly, many of you are having problems to set up the plugin so that it uses dynamic gravatars (identicons, wavatars, …), so here is how you do that:

    1. Open up get-recent-comments.php .
    2. Search for $comment_gravatar_url .
    3. Two lines below the line you’ve just found (most likely line 1334), change:



    $gravatar_options . “&default=wavatar”;


    $gravatar_options . “&default=identicon”;

    or any other dynamic gravatar name.

    Btw: great plugin! :)

    Jacob Ras

    17 Feb 10 at 21:03

  413. Whoops, in my previous post I ment “or:” instead of “of:” (that’s “or” in Dutch ;) ).

    Jacob Ras

    17 Feb 10 at 21:04

  414. Hello,
    Great plugin. How would I go about limiting the output of comments from a specific Page – not a Post. Is there anywhere/way that I can add an exclude command to <?php get_recent_comments(); ?> ?


    23 Feb 10 at 21:19

  415. Hi!

    First of all, that’s a great plugin.

    I want to know if it’s posible to do an excerpt with the title.



    27 Feb 10 at 21:24

  416. We’ve implemented this on a couple of clients websites and it works great. WordPress 2.9.1


    3 Mar 10 at 3:24

  417. [..] A bit unrelated, but I rather liked this website post [..]

    Annis Hanz

    5 Mar 10 at 15:51

  418. Hi! Die Funktion, dass ich Kommentare zu Artikeln nur mancher Kategorien anzeigen möchte, funktioniert bei mir nicht richtig. Zum Teil werden Kommentare nicht angezeigt, obwohl der Artikel in einer Kategorie erschienen ist, den ich der Liste zugefügt habe. Keine Ahnung, ob das ein Plugin-Problem ist oder ob das doch irgendwie an meinem Blog liegt… Gruß!


    20 Mar 10 at 12:41

  419. why won’t the widget version show gravatars? anyone know how to fix this?


    29 Mar 10 at 2:17

  420. comments on images (attachments) dont show up in the recent list in the sidebar.



    31 Mar 10 at 3:43

  421. comments plugin does not respect gobal settings in Settings >> Writing >> uncheck >> Convert emoticons like :-) and :-P to graphics on display,

    it still shows converts emoticons/smilies. how can we turn it off?


    7 Apr 10 at 21:26

  422. Hi there,

    I have added the plugin as a dynamic widget. Great work by the way!

    I want to have a title in the top of the widget, is this possible?

    Many thanks!


    Jim C

    8 Apr 10 at 16:34

  423. Hello Krischan,
    first of all, thanks for the plugin, i’m using it in every website i create. Till now, i was using the sidebar widget function, but i would now integrate the plugin in my sidebar.php wordpress file. The problem is i’m french and can’t find where to change the title of the plugin. I’ve tried to change the name in the code you’ve told :

    I’ve changed in but it didn’t work so i’ve tried to change something in your get-recent-comments.php but i can’t find it.
    I would really appreciate you help because i love your plugin.


    10 Apr 10 at 17:51

  424. In fact, i just want to translate the get recent comment sidebar title, but can’t find where to.


    10 Apr 10 at 21:49

  425. sorry to have disturb for nothing, i jusr reset the plugin in the option page and the changes i’ve made seem to function now. Thanks again for the plugin !


    11 Apr 10 at 9:58

  426. Great recent comments plugin. I was able to “target” the widget id and style it the way I wanted. Well, pretty close to what I wanted anyway. You can check it out on this page here (right sidebar, Recent Comments):

    Now if I could only get each comment to be up on the same line with the commentor’s name, like this…

    Gil: Thank you for the that good kick in the butt. We all need that encouragement some days, even those…

    Any suggestions?

    Doug C.

    15 Apr 10 at 11:11

  427. Duh…nevermind, lol. Just figured it out. The reason that the commentor’s name and the comment were on separate lines is because in my theme’s CSS the “side_roll” class that controls the ul and li of the sidebars had “display: block:”. When I removed that then they both joined up.

    Doug C.

    15 Apr 10 at 11:48

  428. Mega-guter plug-in! Kleines Problem. Even though the “Exclude comments by blog authors (your own comments)” and “Also consider usernames and e-mail addresses, to recognize blog authors” boxes are checked, my comments (or rather my replies to comments) do show. Gibt’s eine Loesung? Wo/wie kann ich mich als blog author identifizieren? Danke im voraus! Beat

    Beat Schindler

    20 May 10 at 10:30

  429. working well in my blog language as turkish


    23 May 10 at 0:28

  430. My website can be retrieved from 3 different country specific domains so I made a small change you may want to include for others to use.

    I change this line

    $post_link = get_permalink($comment->comment_post_ID);

    to now be as follows

    /*Removed the domain specific location*/
    $post_link = get_permalink($comment->comment_post_ID);
    $path_array = explode(“/”, $post_link);
    $post_link = str_replace($path_array[0] . “//”,”",$post_link);
    $post_link = str_replace($path_array[2],”",$post_link);

    There may be a better way to do this but it works for me :) , thanks for the awesome plugin


    23 May 10 at 7:14

  431. 1) I have two different sidebars and would like to add this widget to both, unfortunately, in my widget editor, I can only use this widget once. Is there a way to get around this?

    2) Also, is there a way to change the excerpt into the post title?



    23 May 10 at 15:33

  432. im trying to install it to my blog from wp-admin but always get this error “An unknown error occurred”

    not sure why

    bieber fan

    30 May 10 at 10:05

  433. Love the plugin but the comments are being indexed by search engines resulting in misleading search results. Is there a way to add a “noindex” meta tag to the sidebar or to just this widget? thanks!


    1 Jun 10 at 13:34

  434. Klasse Plugin, aber “get_recent_comments_wrap” vom Typ class und nicht id sein, sonst validiert der Quelltext nicht sauber, wenn man Trackbacks und Kommentare getrennt als Widget einbindet.


    5 Jun 10 at 8:07

  435. How can we display Wavater logos instead of default blue gravatar logo.


    5 Jun 10 at 22:04

  436. HI
    Congrats and Thanks for the Fantastic plugin..

    recently i ran into problem with the plugin.

    Mem Cache plugin interferes with the Cache of Get Recent Comments and the plugin freezes in Cached mode.

    I fould out that disabling cache in the plugin helps it work.

    But that would lead to slowing down site. right ?

    Is there any other way out ?

    I hope next version can remove this conflict .. somehow


    Thanks a lot


    10 Jun 10 at 7:30

  437. It seems that exclude comments on certain categories doesn’t work well if term_taxonomy_id and term_id are not the same.

    I’ve solved it modifing line 1140 in the code. The new $query is:

    $query = “SELECT * from $wpdb->posts
    JOIN $wpdb->term_relationships ON ($wpdb->term_relationships.object_id=ID)
    JOIN $wpdb->term_taxonomy ON ($wpdb->term_relationships.term_taxonomy_id = $wpdb->term_taxonomy.term_taxonomy_id )
    WHERE ID IN ($comma_separated);”;


    17 Jun 10 at 15:06

  438. Is the author of this excellent plugin still alive? hello? does anybody know if this plugin still work on wp 3.0?
    this blog seems to be deserted….


    18 Jun 10 at 14:02

  439. Hi Frank. Not dead yet. But I have no feedback yet, hence am unable to confirm or deny compatibility. Usually wordpress is very kind to plugins. We had not one backwards compatibility issue in the past.


    20 Jun 10 at 2:43

  440. Hello,
    I really enjoy the plugin, but I need to put a wrapping div around each comment in the code of the plugin. I would normally just place it in the template for comments, but I’m using a php function to add a class to each comment for alternating backgrounds. I was curious where I should place this wrapping div, since I can’t seem to find where it is in the get-recent-comments.php file.

    Also, I’m using WordPress 3.0, and the plugin works fine. No issues as of yet.


    20 Jun 10 at 12:57

  441. hi Krischan!
    Sorry for my words…it was just a “bad” joke! Thanks for your reply. I really, really do like your plugin and I use it with great success. I just said so because a couple of days ago I got aware that on your WordPress plugin page the plugin is marked as compatible till WP 2.8…that’s it! Hope you are not going to forget us and that you will keep your plugin updated! Thanks again for your great plugin and if you need any help from me and my blog..let me know! :)


    20 Jun 10 at 13:59

  442. My wordpress theme includes a couple different sidebars. I’d like the “Get Recent Comments” widget to show up on both, but for some reason there is only one “copy” of the widget. No copy is left in my unused list of widgets, so I don’t have another to grab to put on my other sidebar. How do I resolve this? Thanks for your help.

    Capture Me Media

    25 Jun 10 at 5:17

  443. hi,

    i use WP 3.0 MU and there is a problem, which i actually cant´t locate.
    i have 2 sites managed by WP MU. in site1 i can normaly update the template entry for the list-items. but when i try to do this for site2 and confirm it, the admintool jumps back to site1 without any effekt.

    Donald Duck

    29 Jun 10 at 16:28

  444. hi,

    i changed in get-recent-comments.php:193
    the action-attribut from:

    now the form get the right target and remains in the actual site. i dont´t know if it´s a good and nice code, but it works.

    Donald Duck

    30 Jun 10 at 11:10

  445. Hi,
    I installed your plugin on my blog. Really very useful.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Alarm Dünyası

    1 Jul 10 at 1:15

  446. The get recent comments plug in works well–where in the stylesheet do I make change the font color so they are readable on the sidebar? Thanks


    2 Jul 10 at 23:28

  447. Hi,

    I love your plugin and use it on both of my sites/blogs. It works fine in WordPress 3.0 with the Thesis 1.7 theme.

    I’d like to make a feature request though. I recently used a custom php function to separate trackbacks from the comment counts on posts, but I notice it didn’t have any effect on the comment counts for your plugin. I’m hoping you might modify the code below and include it in the next version of your plugin somehow. I’d like the number of comments displayed to match the actual number of comments that a post has.

    [code]add_filter('get_comments_number', 'comment_count', 0);
    function comment_count( $count ) {
    if ( is_home() || is_single() || is_page() ) {
    global $id;
    $comments_by_type = &separate_comments(get_comments('status=approve&post_id=' . $id));
    return count($comments_by_type['comment']);
    } else {
    return $count;

  448. Thank you for this great work.
    this plugin sort of works on WordPress 3.0. I am seeing most comments but not all.
    I need to separate categories comments from which should display on different pages. I have chosen categories which the plugin should exclude and the exclusion works but then it excludes more than what I asked for.
    Does anyone else have the same issue?


    5 Jul 10 at 11:08

  449. Hello,

    My %profile_picture isn’t showing up in the recent comments widget. I saw that someone else had the same issue before, where the image src was empty (). Do you have a fix for this?



    14 Jul 10 at 15:12

  450. I have a small bug in this plugin on my site. For some reason, the first few lines of the widget immediately AFTER the Recent Comments widget are getting wrapped in an anchor tag and becoming a link. Not sure if this is due to the plugin or my theme. I’m running the latest version of the plugin (v2.0.6) with WordPress 3.0 and Thematic as my theme.

    Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


    24 Jul 10 at 2:45

  451. Hi, we are using your plugin with WP 2.8.4 and WP Super Cache. With the plugin cache activated, comments display only when a post is updated. With the plugin cache deactivated, server load increases to an unacceptable level. We have 50,000+ comments in the WP DB. Is there a way to deactivate the plugin cache without making a lot of work for the server? Thanks.


    5 Aug 10 at 13:59

  452. Great Plugin, whether this plugin can be used for wordpress 3 version ?


    10 Aug 10 at 3:35

  453. Has anyone yet solved the issue with paged comments where the recent comments link isn’t the correct permalink?

    I really wish someone could solve that issue, please.


    14 Aug 10 at 1:54

  454. Currently it is not working correctly on my WP 3.0-blog. Not all comments are displayed, but don’t know why. Maybe the author has a solution?


    16 Aug 10 at 20:48

  455. I’ve been using this plugin for a while now and if I took it away my readers would howl. It is an important part of how they interact with the site. So, thanks!

    I do have a minor issue, and it doesn’t look like anyone else has mentioned it. It’s about comments on pages (not to be confused with paged comments).

    I have a few static pages, and for the most part the comments on those pages show up just fine in the Recent Comments sidebar. My most recent static page, however, is set up as a subpage of another page. This morning I got my first two comments on that page, but they didn’t show up in the Recent Comments on my sidebar.

    You can see the setup on my site; At the top there is a link to “The Geeky Stuff Behind the Blog” which at this moment DOES have a comment that shows up in the sidebar, and another to “MacGPG2 Step by Step” which today had a veritable avalanche of comments (two), but they do not show in the sidebar.

    Not a biggie, but I thought maybe it would be helpful to let you know.


    29 Aug 10 at 22:30

  456. Wie kann man denn die Seiten Kommentare auch im Sidebar Widget anzeigen lassen ???


    7 Sep 10 at 5:06

  457. Hi,

    it seems not to be possible to configure this widget for a multiblog installation. Whatever I do in another multiblog instance, I allways will come back to the main blog instance and overwrite the settings there instead of the sub-blog.

    Is it possible to get this plugin configured in any multiblog instance seperatly?

    Kind regards,


    22 Sep 10 at 16:55

  458. Thanks this help me a lot. I’m wondering about the multiblog installation also, it would be a pain to install this on a one by one basis.


    26 Sep 10 at 2:17

  459. This plugin works great in Google Chrome and Firefox, but for some reason it doesn’t work at all in IE 8. I don’t know if the problem is IE 8 or the theme I’m using (Branford Magazine), but no matter if I try it in the tabbed section above my lead story on the front page or as a sidebar widget, no comments at all show up in IE 8. I’m forced to use WP’s basic Get Comments widget for now, and that sucks. Anyone have an idea why this is happening?


    1 Oct 10 at 10:03

  460. Thanks a lot for that plugin!

    There’s just one thing: It shows perfectly within the sidebar on my blog frontpage and on pages – but it does not on articles! The place just stays blank. Where might be the mistake in my wordpress code?

    Thanks! Bye Stefan


    5 Oct 10 at 15:07

  461. Hi there,

    I’ve been using this plugin for ever and I love it. Lately though I’ve added support to comments on pages and sub pages and they show up randomly (mostly they don’t show up) I read through the list of comments and I read that other people have been affected by this bug, in time. I’ve briefly read the code and I couldn’t find anything plugin related that would trigger this behaviour, but it was a quick scan. Can you point me out to the right direction?

    thanks for the plugin in the meantime

    (using wp 3.0.1 and plugin version 2.0.6)

    Fabio Venni

    13 Oct 10 at 13:24

  462. Hi:

    Have been using this for five years.

    Just upgraded to WP 3.01 and in the process broke my theme. In getting it working again, I disabled all plug-ins and then reactivated one-by-one. Now I have a problem with “Get Recent Comments.”

    I had solved this years back, but don’t recall how:

    How do I insert a paragraph break (or doublespace) between between each comment excerpt that is displayed in the sidebar? Right now, they are all run together.

    Did I have to hardcode this in the loop? I am not using a widgetized theme, btw. (Though that may change in the next two weeks.)


    ken winston caine

    16 Oct 10 at 19:31

  463. I’ve got my answer.

    I went into the css and for the sidebars added the following code to ul and li specs:
    margin-top: 1em;

    I probably don’t need the whole 1em. But that gave me the space between items on the lists.


    ken winston caine

    17 Oct 10 at 2:23

  464. Hmm, I don’t think this wonderful plugin is being updated any more, but I have the same problem as a couple of people above: comments from my pages and subpages aren’t showing up. I hope someone would be able to solve this mystery some day.


    15 Dec 10 at 4:00

  465. Great plugin, been using it for years on many blogs, thank you!

    But now I have my first question: I started using the “get facebook comments” plugiun, which bringt comments from my facebook fan page into the articles on the blog.

    (As you can see here:

    BUT – they don’t show up in my sidebar where I’m using the recent comments plugin.

    Any idea?


    22 Jan 11 at 14:23

  466. Thanks for the great plugin.

    I am having a problem, My WordPress setup uses Disqus commenting system.

    When comments are made they go to moderation section in both places, Disqus and WordPress Comments Section in Admin.

    But recent comments plugin shows unapproved comments. I don’t how that happens.

    This is really annoying because most times some spammer leaves spam link with spam anchor text and recent comments show the comment with that spam link on my home page.

    Any idea what might be causing that?

    Many thanks for the help.


    1 Feb 11 at 19:53

  467. I have been using the plugin with no problems but now i am tryingot upgrade my wordpress and i am getting FTP error. How can i manually upgrate my wordpress to 3.x

    Wayne Kokenge

    15 Feb 11 at 15:01

  468. “test ał” – testing it again to show you the error because my previous post was longer and got chopped.

    metin2 gold

    18 Feb 11 at 1:14

  469. The plugin does spit out a PHP error.

    Error: “Use of undefined constant”…

    You can fix that by changing lines 928 & 929 to:

    $kjgrc_cache["comments"] = kjgrc_prepare_cache(base64_decode($kjgrc_cache["comments"]));
    $kjgrc_cache["trackbacks"] = kjgrc_prepare_cache(base64_decode($kjgrc_cache["trackbacks"]));


    23 Feb 11 at 20:01

  470. schickes plugin, läuft bestens. sagt danke :-]

    ach und schickes theme der seite hier. erinnert mich an irgendne andere tolle seite wo ich öfters mal bin. weiss nur grad nicht an welche … ;-]


    24 Feb 11 at 0:13

  471. Das Plugin zeigt nur Comments an, die direkt unter WOrdPress Artikeln stehen. Wenn ich dem Blog eine Page hinzufüge und für diese Page “Kommentare” erlaube, werden diese leider nicht angezeigt.
    In der Admin GUI stehen sie aber unter “Kommentare” kann ich diese kommentare auch irgendwie im Get recent comment anzeigen lassen?!?


    15 Mar 11 at 19:48

  472. Hi lieber Pluginmacher, ich würde Deinem Widget gerne ein Hintergrundgrundbild verpassen, weiß aber nicht, wo genau ich den Link zum Bild in der get-recent-comments.php einsetzten muss? Könntest Du mir einen Tipp geben?


    17 Mar 11 at 17:30

  473. Hi Krischan,
    das Widget hat bis jetzt super funktioniert.
    Jetzt konnten keine weitere Kommentare auf den einzelnen Seiten mehr geschrieben werden. Nach mehrfacher Fehlermeldung habe ich mir die Optionen nochmals angesehen und bemerkt, dass in der oberen Reihe 10 letzte Kommentare angezeigt werden sollen.
    Die Zahl auf 20 erhöht und schon geht es wieder.

    Warum werden die Kommentare aber nicht angenommen, ohne dass ich sie veröffentlichen kann, aber zumindest weiß, das ein neuer Kommentar da ist?

    Wäre super, wenn Du mir sagen könntest, woran es liegt, oder ob evtl. ein Scriptfehler vorliegt.

    Danke im voraus


    20 Mar 11 at 23:45

  474. Da die Macher von WordPress es immer noch nicht hinbekommen haben Gravatare in das Kommentar-Widget einzubinden, habe ich mir heute dein Plug-in installiert. Ich bin begeistert! Der Einbau war leicht und die Anpassung mit CSS waren schnell erledigt. Danke für das tolle Plug-In ;)


    26 Mar 11 at 17:29

  475. I would like to know where can I translate words used in plugin.


    30 Mar 11 at 19:30

  476. I have a problem with your plugin using wp with networks enabled.

    Actually i’m using subfolders and i think the problem is around here:

    <form method="post" action="<form method="post" action="?page=get-recent-comments.php&subpage=6&updated=true”>

    because when i submit the form with the new values i get redirected on the main blog instead of the actual one.


    31 Mar 11 at 11:43

  477. Hi,
    Would it be possible to get the recent comments from my WP guestbook and from attachment files?

    Katrine аsked about it in 2008, but I haven’t found the decision among your answers

    Please Krischan answering me



    22 Apr 11 at 21:00

  478. Hallo,

    Leider zeigt das Pugin bei mir keine Kommentare an, die unter statischen Pages gemacht wurden. bei Artikeln haut es wunderbar hin, bei Seiten nicht.
    Wie kann man das ändern?

    Liegt es vielleicht daran das statische Pages keiner Kategorie zugeordnet sind?


    7 Jun 11 at 10:25

  479. I’m having the same problem as Giovanni above:

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    There is a solution ?


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    Adrianus V

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    The image linked below shows what am talking about
    Your response will be of great help.


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    Commentaires récents :

    Lucile (nouvelle),26 janvier 1976
    Odomar: Mystérieux. Mais j’aime ce « format &raqu o;, comme on dit désormais, de la nouvelle très courte.(« format &raqu o;, is for « format ») : how can I fix it ? (I’m not fluent in php !)



    30 Nov 11 at 15:15

  487. I realize this is probably a dead plugin by now (still serving me well though, thanks for that!), but I thought I should add a note about it generating a bunch of notices when viewing the site:

    Notice: Use of undefined constant comments – assumed ‘comments’ in /[...]/get-recent-comments.php on line 928

    Notice: Use of undefined constant comments – assumed ‘comments’ in /[...]/get-recent-comments.php on line 928

    Notice: Use of undefined constant trackbacks – assumed ‘trackbacks’ in /[...]/get-recent-comments.php on line 929

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    I have just installed this plug in, and just like everyone thinks, I think it’s a great plugin. However, It doesn’t display at the side bar just the way I want it. Is it possible to display only the Commenter’s gravater and the post’s title only? Because right now, the gravater doesn’t show at all..
    Thank you.


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    Volatility of Bitcoin

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