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Pfarrers Kinder, Müllers Vieh

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Datum: Heute 02:42:23

Dear Camp attendee,

we are sorry to say that we fucked up handling your data provided for
the organization of the Chaos Communication Camp correctly. When the
registration system was shut down after the camp in 2003, an unencrypted
backup copy of the registration data was unfortunately left on the machine.

The server has been used for hosting another TWiki installation after
the camp, but the organization crew left planet earth due to
extraterrestrial commitments and more or less forgot about its existence.

Our spanish colleagues succesfully broke into this machine, exploiting a
newly found bug in the TWiki software, and published part of the stuff.
This includes personal registration data as well as crypt passwords for
Wiki users. While the passwords are not available in clear text, they
are susceptible to a dictionary attack. Therefore, these passwords must
be considered compromised, so we urge anybody who used the same password
for camp registration or TWiki and any other system to take appropriate

Please carefully check the data provided at

We contacted the crowd at and asked them to remove all
personal data from their publicly available documentation. They reacted
very kindly and dropped read permissions for the database dump. We
apologize for the inconvenience and promise to do our best to avoid
such bullshit in the future. Thank you for your attention and do not
forget to apply appropriate security measures.


the CCC Crew

Written by Krischan

November 16th, 2004 at 1:08 pm

Posted in Blöde Software

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